Dr. James McAnally DDS, FAGD, FICOI, FMII Creator of The McAnally Selling System™

Dental school doesn't teach case acceptance.
The McAnally Selling System™ remedies that forever!

Like most in the profession, you went into dentistry to help people. As your practice matured and you acquired advanced training and skills, you probably found that there are case types that excite you the most. For many, these are more complex, more comprehensive, bigger cases.

Big cases are more interesting and do the greatest good for your patients' lives. You treat fewer patients in a day, have better control over your schedule, and create more free time – an abundance of quality time – for your life at work and at home. Better still, your access to doing more big cases thanks to this dental case acceptance system is now 10X faster and at 10X less cost as compared to 5 years ago.



How to find – and ethically sell – the cases that excite you.

Dentistry has changed in the last several years and you have to sell your services. You may spend thousands of dollars every month on dental advertising. But advertising is not selling nor does it automatically mean dental case acceptance. Despite a large advertising budget, you may not do as many cases as you want because of what's missing from a case acceptance perspective. When you do attract potential cases that excite you, do most of your consults say yes to your best options? Would you like tools to directly create not just more big case phone calls from your marketing but to have more patients say yes (25% more on average) because you possess a proven check-list method for dental case acceptance?

These reasons are why The McAnally Selling System™ exists and why it's annually the #1 ranked program for dental case acceptance. The trade-marked seven page McAnally dental case acceptance Check-List is based on persuasion science from Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and Yale research. It’s an ethical, no-pressure method that creates more returns from your marketing and causes a greater percent of big-case patients to enter treatment at desired fees. If you want to stay fee-for-service or sell bigger cases that excite you even under contracts like Delta Dental, it is the route.

Find and do more of the cases that excite you.

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