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The one course every Dental (and Medical) School forgot to teach.
Case Acceptance with The McAnally System™ 

Like most in the profession, you went into dentistry to help people. As your practice matured, it’s likely you acquired advanced training and skills.  You also probably found that there are case types that excite you the most. For many, these are more complex, more comprehensive, bigger cases (e.g. All-on-4 or 6 dental implants, sedation, reconstructions, Invisalign, 6 Month Smiles, cosmetics, digital dentistry, CEREC, sleep apnea, TMJ, and general anesthesia pediatrics).

Big cases are more interesting and do the greatest good for your patients' lives. You treat fewer patients in a day, have better control over your schedule, and create more free time – an abundance of quality time – for your life at work and at home.  

The reality is most big case dentistry is outside the dental insurance system and the $2,000 annual maximum.  Most dentists, including those with the highest levels of advanced skills and credentials, only know how to present "dental insurance dentistry." The lack a real sales process in place with dental teams limits professional satisfaction and denies millions of patients the benefits the best dental science offers.  



How to find – and ethically sell – the cases that excite you.

Dentistry has changed in the last 10 years and your niche services compete with many other choices patients have in the market place.  The only way to compete is to have a REAL SALES PROCESS designed just for dental services.  If you offer niche services and don’t have a REAL SALES PROCESS, you subjugate yourself to needless discounting and your patients make less ideal choices.  Many dentists spend thousands of dollars every month on dental advertising yet fail to grasp that advertising is not selling.  Advertising also does not automatically create dental case acceptance. You can spend significantly on advertising and still not do as many cases as desired because of what's missing from a case acceptance perspective. When you do attract potential cases that excite you, are most of your consults saying yes to your better and best options? Would you like a REAL SALES PROCESS that create not just more big case phone calls from your advertising but to have more patients say yes?  Those using the proven McAnally check-list System for dental case acceptance routinely have 200-300% more consults going into treatment from their advertising and you can too!

These reasons are why The McAnally Selling System™ exists and why it's routinely ranked as the #1 dental case acceptance among the best trained clinicians. The trade-marked seven page McAnally dental case acceptance Check-List is based on persuasion science and consumer psychology studies from Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and Yale. It’s an ethical, zero-pressure method that creates more returns from your advertising. Practices using it see a greater percent of big-case patients entering treatment at desired fees. It means more exciting fee-for-service and bigger cases even under insurance contracts.  

If you are a  dentist capable of performing advanced niche procedures it is for you. Lastly, if you are a fee-for service plastic or cosmetic surgeon or orthopedic spine surgeon, the McAnally System is for your practice too!

Find and do more of the cases that excite you.

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