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The Best Case Acceptance System for Advanced Dentists
Get a REAL SALES PROCESS to ethically sell your best services.

You can spend thousands monthly on advertising with so-so results. Our proven selling (dental case acceptance) system is an ethical, step-by-step REAL SALES PROCESS for niche cases (e.g. 2-3 All-on-4 Implant Cases Weekly, CEREC, full mouth reconstructions, cosmetics, fast ortho, sedation, sleep apnea, etc.) that also improve total advertising returns by 200-300%. Elite clinicians gain control of their time, increase their satisfaction levels, and make a difference in more patient's lives. Whether you want a 2, 4, 6, or 8 million dollar practice, The McAnally System for your best dental case acceptance is the gateway to a dream practice.

This unique, step-by-step check-list system gives you a REAL SALES PROCESS for dental case acceptance to increase profits and your total number of big cases. Be you a generalist with specialty skills or board certified specialist, money isn't your only motivation. But, the opportunity to make more while doing a much greater good with the cases you truly enjoy while reducing workload and hours are big pluses.

If ClearChoice, Aspen Dental, Heartland, Ion, or another corporate chain is in your market there is good news. Licensing and program enrollment is prohibited for chains. Highly trained clinicians can get major advantages in marketing and selling at full fees over the enemies of independent dentistry. If you compete with corporate dental entities, the System is your best defense to protect your practice.  With every level of training in the Program, you also receive a license for the proprietary Text2Review cell phone app which allows you to easily collect 100 or more online patient reviews annually.  The McAnally System plus Text2Review are two very powerful weapons our member doctors use to win against corporate chain discounting.

The best step-by-step Dental Case Acceptance System backed by respected persuasion science (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, and Princeton), enables you to:

  • Gain the best return on current advertising and referrals while preparing for even higher returns with new advertising. A 200-300% increase in returns from current dental marketing and referrals is common..

  • Use a zero pressure sales process and an ethical framework for influencing patient decisions for the better. Your most predictable treatment options are accepted. Zero pressure sales means you stand above all competitors.

  • Remove the stress from treatment cost conversations as patients qualify themselves financially as part of The McAnally System. You’ll spend time working with those who can afford your options – and who are grateful for your help!

  • Free yourself forever from the discounted insurance model. Or sell far more efficiently within the insurance system – even at full fees for bigger cases!

Here's how it works

The McAnally (Dental Case Acceptance) System™ is delivered online in six monthly sessions. It includes:

  • Video lectures by Dr. McAnally – You receive monthly intensive video trainings where Dr. McAnally walks through each step in this proven selling (dental case acceptance) system teaching you and your team the McAnally Check-List. Videos are 1 hour to 1½ hours each and delivered online.
  • A Real Sales Process for Your Phone – Exclusive McAnally System Phone Slip. The bridge between marketing, referrals, advertising and the REAL SALES PROCESS in The McAnally System in your practice is your phone.  Every level of the Program comes with a one-on-one in-depth sales training for your phone staff to ensure this important connection is functioning property connecting the outside world to the inside of your practice. Your staff will know exactly that is important to say on the phone to convert calls to consults and exams.
  • A Private One-on-One Monthly Consultation with Dr. McAnally.  Choose the top level of the Program and you meet monthly with the #1 niche marketing, case acceptance, and trust-based practice guru in the profession.  These calls center on getting the most out of your training and out of any advertising or marketing in use in your practice.  Many doctors use this time to prepare the ground for new and improved ways of marketing their services including the All-on-4 Dental Implant Program.
  • Participation in monthly teleconferences with Dr. McAnally and in-house coaches.  Questions you and your team may have are answered. Attend them live or listen to recorded calls.
  • Exclusive 24/7 Phone Answering System – Dentists who answer their phone 24/7 gain more trust and respect from patients and have higher new-patient conversions from their advertising and referral sources.  While it’s a 24/7 world, most dentists ignore 16 hours of every business day and 48 hours of every weekend letting their phone go to voice mail.  As part of the training, we coordinate setting up a system so your phone is answered live 24/7 with our proven McAnally System answering scripts that build trust and create appointment conversions.  Patients getting voice mail hang up. Patients calling inside 24/7 McAnally Phone System make appointments for treatment!
  • Creation of World Class Financial Coordinators.  How to Use 3rd Party Financing and Smart Discounting Wisely– Contrary to vendor opinion, it makes zero sense to offer 3rd party financing to every patient (e.g. Care Credit, The Lending Club, Schein, etc.).  The training gives you a specific framework for how to best use these tools.  It also teaches your financial coordinator how to use Smart Discounting at case presentation to leverage human nature related to perceptions of “a deal” while still allowing you to do the dentistry you love at a reasonable and fair fee.  The financial coordinator session in the training provides a repeatable systematic framework along with specific financial coordinator documents for best guiding patients through the financial decision making process.  The tuition of the entire course is routinely recovered via your financial coordinator’s first three major financial presentations as part of The McAnally System.
  • The McAnally (Dental Case Acceptance) System Checklist, System Phone Slip, and so much more – To sell effectively, you need training and a robust toolkit. The training includes the trade-marked seven page McAnally System (Dental Case Acceptance) Check-list licensed to your practice, a front office Phone Selling System plus one-on-one staff training, a one location license for the #1 cell phone based tool for capturing online patient reviews--Text2Review, worksheets, financial coordinator and treatment planning documents, tools to capture prospective patients, tracking monitors, direct for use in practice template documents that create your special “Why” patients would choose you over other options, many dental marketing tips and tools, and more!

Perfect for your financial coordinator, your front office team, and YOU – the doctor. You and your staff can implement The McAnally (Dental Case Acceptance) System™ from your office or home – and as your schedule allows. It requires no travel and no time is lost from your practice. In fact, some practices delegate all selling to their team, although this is not ideal from a persuasion science standpoint since you are the expert in your practice.  If you have at least one team member with a minimum of 1 hour of time available weekly, then in six short months you can be operating on a much higher level with every fee-for-service and niche case in your practice.

There is zero financial risk. No contracts. Pay as you go. Your first major treatment plan accepted fully covers The McAnally (Dental Case Acceptance) System™ tuition. Practice owners report that several multiples of their tuition returning to them before completing the best Dental Case Acceptance Program. Dentists even report this in practices that are 100% insurance committed. Many highly trained generalists with niche skills and orthodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and periodontists discover that having a REAL SALES PROCESS brings immediate results. Right now, you leave production on the table every month and help fewer patients without it!

In fact, thousands of dentists using the McAnally Selling (Dental Case Acceptance) System report that they enjoy:

  • more control over their schedule
  • more satisfying work because they focus on the types of cases they enjoy
  • greater patient satisfaction with treatment
  • a happier staff
  • a significant boost to their bottom line
  • seeing 200-300% better returns from existing marketing
  • better clinical results
  • less hassle and headaches
  • more self-confidence for the doctor
  • winning against corporate enemies (Aspen Dental, ClearChoice, Heartland, Ion, etc.)

Full Details of The McAnally Selling System.      Do cases you love - help more patients.

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If you do not have patients say 'yes' to treatment they desperately need and richly deserve, I would highly recommend getting Dr. James McAnally’s Selling System. He is incredibly knowledgeable and understands how to get patients to accept and follow through with extensive treatment. As a dentist, Dr. McAnally has a deep interest in helping dentists achieve what’s best for them and their patients. He is truly dentistry’s expert for big case acceptance.

Dr. Phil K., Anchorage, Alaska