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WARNING: The Post-Pandemic Full-Arch Implant Market Is Radically Different Than It Was in 2019!

The post-pandemic market reality for full-arch cases is that is now a winner (or small group of winners) that takes all market. While you may find that news disheartening, the good news is that if you are willing to treat at least 8-10 additional All-on-4/All-on-6 arches every month, then there is a predictable path to join the financial and professional rewards that winners in this treatment category enjoy.

If you are clinically qualified to treat these cases, our unique in the industry method of lead generation and case sales can help you tap into this highly specialized treatment niche and fully utilize your clinical talents.

Does this sound like your situation?

  • You acquired advanced clinical skills through post-graduate residencies and programs like Kois, Pankey, Spear, LVI, Implant Residencies, Maxi-Courses, and others.
  • You may have implant credentials or be considered a specialist in dental implants.
    After you invested all that time and money into your education and skills, you wound up treating fewer complex cases or fewer All-on-X cases than you had hoped.
  • You only have 24 hours in the day, and trying to figure out how to acquire an abundance of full arch implant cases feels like a daunting task.
    Regular dentistry has become less exciting while you’ve seen lives transformed in the patients you’ve treated with full arch implants. You’d love to be changing many more lives versus performing yet another filling or crown.
  • Your dream practice would be to treat implant cases 2-3 days per week (or even full time!) while your associate(s) handle the regular patients.

If so, you are ready for these cases, but you have choices to make on how to acquire your share:

  • You can use a lot of general practice marketing knowing you’ll occasionally pick up a full-arch case. You’ll have a healthy general practice and occasionally ‘have dessert’ when a full arch implant case presents.
  • You can work with any number of entities to advertise for 1 or 2 missing teeth patients (we can even provide that basic service). You’ll treat more single and multi-teeth implant cases and you’ll also occasionally have a full-arch implant case from those efforts
  • You can decide to push your way into the winner takes all market with an 8-10 arch minimum each month and then decide whether you want to focus from 50% to 100% of your time on just these cases.

Certainly, to reach 8-10 arches per month, you have the option to seek out and study sophisticated marketing techniques, especially how to do mass media advertising and study sales organization structure and build your own sales process, all of which are pre-requisites to unlocking a high volume of cases. There is nothing stopping you from doing that. But why would you want to takes years reinventing the wheel, when there’s another option?

You can stand on my shoulders and benefit from my more than 20 years of chair-side treatment, and more than 17 years of helping implant dentists across 100+ markets in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia to treat hundreds of full-arch cases every year in their individual practices.

The Big Case System: What is Our Patient Lead Generation and Sales Strategy?

You can think of it as two main complementary systems or parts:

System/Part 1: Full-Arch Implant (All-on-X) Advertising Program

We have been sending full-arch implant / All-on-X cases to doctors literally longer than any competitor and that includes the combined markets of US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We have experience in over 100 markets worldwide.

After spending more than $9.5M on Google Advertising and $17M+ in traditional media, we’ve seen what works and does not work. The full arch case market has undergone at least 5 major changes during the past 17 years we’ve been finding cases for our doctors.

(Read about the latest post-pandemic version of the market here.)

Members get the immediate benefit of all this experience and those ad dollars for their benefit.

System/Part 2: An Elite Level Sales System & Sales Process PLUS a One-of-a-Kind Professionally Trained Sales Support Team

Our lead sales trainer spent seven years selling for the leading national chain of implant centers. With $35M in cases closed to treatment and a sales process derived from those millions in sales, she can lead any practice committed to such to be a master-level sales team with the capabilities to help far more patients. In addition, we are the only organization to provide a high level professionally trained and monitored salesperson to your practice to field and screen patient lead calls coming from our campaigns. Our remote sales team is here to literally sell cases for your practice by doing the critical front end sales work that local teams don’t have the time to focus on.

Easy Next Steps

Ready to secure your 8-10 arch minimum in full arch implant cases each month? You can schedule a consultation, even if you’re not ready to decide anything, but just have questions. If our unique approach to full arch patient lead gen and sales is not a good fit for you or your local market, I will tell you so. We all have limited time and I prefer to be upfront and just tell people honestly what’s either right or not right for their situation. Everyone else out there just wants to sell another client. We want to only work with those who truly are good fits for our unique approach and who are ready to “go big” in implants with a minimum case count of 8-10 arches per month.

Click here to schedule an informal consultation/discussion!

Dr. James McAnally DDS,

For seven years running, Dr. McAnally has
been recognized by Dentistry Today as
the nation’s top expert in niche procedure
marketing and ethical selling.

Here’s a four-minute overview of our program:


Full-arch implant cases, and, specifically, the All-on-X case, is almost entirely an advertising-based service. At least 95% of cases are created by advertising.

You can refuse to accept this reality but, like it or not, if you refuse to advertise for All-on-X you will have few All-on-X cases and maybe even zero cases. It’s sad to think about the expensive CE, time, and armamentarium going to waste in these practices.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, which you can read here:

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Change is a constant. I see it in the time I’ve been active in the implant world since 1995. The procedures and clinical thinking has evolved (AKA changed), protocols and implant design and work flows have changed, and there have been changes on the advertising and sales side of the equation.

Read more:

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Most dentists resort to uncontrolled discounting as their only way to sell their services.

Why? They simply don’t know any better.

Our program members completing and using the #1 big case sales training for advanced dentists understand how to reduce the need for discounting and control when and how much discounting occurs.

Read more:

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When you take the profession as a whole, single-teeth implants are the only treatment modality most dentists have a basic understanding of and there are still plenty of docs who can’t restore even a single implant.

Read more here:

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When it comes to full-arch dental implant advertising, I keep seeing the same mistakes over and over again.

While the professional and financial rewards remain high for those treating multiple arches every month (or week), mny docs don`t know how to get there.

So, I wrote a white paper about it. This paper will help those already advertising for full-arch cases to do even more cases from their ads and to help those who do not yet have their dream implant practice to decide if this is a dream worth pursuing.

Fill out the form here to download for free:

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This recent testimonial is from one of our member locations in Northern California; just one of many super competitive markets we work and succeed in.

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Want 100 full-arch cases yearly? Here`s the secret:

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Many practices struggle with full-arch implant case volume because they don`t have a proper plan in place. Here`s why that`s a problem and what you can do about it:

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