“That’s impossible”, you say?

A system does exist that currently delivers two, three, and sometimes even more full-arch implant cases every month for members.

In fact, it’s a system that is producing more than 1,200 full-arch cases per year for dentists.

Does this sound like your situation?

  • You acquired advanced clinical skills through post-graduate residencies and programs like KoisPankeySpearLVI, and others.
  • After you invested all that time and money into your education and skills, you may be seeing fewer complex cases than you had hoped. I’m talking about cases like All-on-4, sedation, reconstructions, Invisalign, digital dentistry, CEREC, and the like.
  • You only have 24 hours in the day, and they’re already fully booked, so you’re wondering how to find and close more of the cases that excite you the most.

That may be how you found this site: you’re searching for a practical, proven way to attract more of the cases that gratify you the most, and that help clients the most.

You have choices:

You can go with a dentist marketing firm. Those can be good for getting standard dental cases, but they’re fundamentally expert onlookers: they’ve never been trained in advanced clinical skills, never mind performed an advanced procedure on a client. They may have splashy websites and slick brochures, but in the final analysis, they haven’t eaten their own dog food.

You can learn it on your own.
You have the option to seek out and study sophisticated marketing techniques. There is nothing stopping you from doing that. But why would you want to do that, when there’s another option:

You can stand on my shoulders and benefit
from my more than 17 years of chair-side treatment, and more than 12 years of helping dentists across 100+ markets in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia to attract more than 1,200 full-arch cases every year.

Because of your advanced training, you’re naturally going to be skeptical and have lots of questions, as you should.

How Are We Different?

We're the only advertising agency/consulting company owned and operated by an implant dentist with experience treating dozens of full arch cases annually and who still holds an active clinical license plus advanced credentials.

What is my system?

In fact, you can think of it as two main complementary systems or parts:

Full-Arch Implant Advertising Program. We are the largest advertiser on the planet for full-arch implants in the combined markets of US, UK, Canada, and Australia. We have experience in over 100 markets worldwide. When you’ve spent more than $5 million on advertising, you pretty quickly find out what works and does not work. Members get the immediate benefit of all that experience. You can read more about this program here.

Dental Trust Leadership Sales Training and Consulting Service. Sales training is vital to a practice, because you can have the best advertising anywhere, but it means nothing if you can’t convert leads into cases. We’ve developed a system that takes the stress out of selling because it’s not based on gimmicks or pressure. It includes training for the doctor, financial coordinator, and phone staff. Here is more information about this service.

Easy next step

You can schedule a consultation even if you’re not ready to decide anything, but just have questions. Why would I spend time to have such consultations, when sometimes my system is not a good fit for certain doctors? It’s because the reality is we’re a relatively small community of highly trained professionals, and I’m willing to set aside a few times each week where the worst-case scenario is that I get to know others in my profession.

If you’d like to schedule an informal consultation/discussion, please do so here.

Dr. James McAnally DDS,

For 7 years running, Dr. McAnally has
been recognized by Dentistry Today as
the nation’s top expert in niche procedure
marketing and ethical selling.

Here’s a 4-minute overview by Dr. McAnally:


“Within 45 days of hearing Dr. McAnally speak at the ICOI meeting, I took two of the secrets he shared back to my private practice and closed two cases for over $50,000 each. I’ve gotten my guaranteed increase in my practice from the Elite Program even BEFORE I attended the first session. The case-acceptance” packet alone has pre-sold several $10K cases for me.”

— Dr. Wes Moore, Ft. Smith, Arkansas

"Our colleagues will seek courses to learn the best techniques and advanced procedures, and may already be clinically excellent in everything they do, but very few will go out and educate themselves in the aspect of attracting those patients who require our specialized services. What a waste of talent, time, and money.

I have recently completed my requirements at the prestigious ICOI for the Diplomate status and I honestly believe I would not have gotten all the cases needed without the surge of big cases that Big Case Marketing has generated to my office."

— Nader Bazzi, DDS, DICOI

"I joined to learn how to get more of the big cases in my office because my favorite thing to do these days is to take a denture wearer and give them fixed teeth again. It changes their life forever. Without this program my goal in this area simply wouldn’t have been possible.

I have sold two $30K+ cases this week and had my first $200,000 month this year thanks to these cases. I am in various stages of seven full arch implant supported bridges right now at about $30k+ each as a result of what I have learned directly from James.

[Several months later:] We just had our biggest month: over $210K production, $240K collection."

— Dr. Greg Sawyer, Los Gatos, CA

“I closed a $20,000 and a $10,000 case this week after completing the case-acceptance training. I don't even have all my systems in place.”

— Dr. Ivan E. Terrero, Bonita Springs, FL

"What I have learned from you in this past year will never be taught in any ADA, AAID, ICOI, or AGD meetings. I was amazed to see that my implant & sedation cases were up 400% since I joined your Big Case Marketing program while my overall practice maintained itself in general routine cases. Mind you, this was in the midst of elections, recessions, Wall Street meltdowns, housing-market crashes, etc."

— Irfan Atcha D.D.S. NW Indiana & Chicago Downtown