dental implant marketing techniquesThere’s ALWAYS a lower price.

Ads for $299 dental implants are a perfect example.

Deep discounting on the front end of dental services is common.

We see it in ads of all kinds.

It’s a tell-tale sign of a systemic failure in the profession to address sales in a responsible manner.

Dental schools have failed us on this and clinical CE programs continue to fail at this subject that impacts every major case in your practice.

Where Responsibility Lies

While it’s easy to put the blame elsewhere, there is a personal responsibility as business owner to address this and the mantra “I am the Problem, I am the Solution” is important to embrace. By doing so, you are one step closer to doing your dream cases and getting more of what you want from practice and life.

Practices like the ad I saw advertising a $299 implant literally have just one “selling hammer” in the mind of the owner and that is discounting. “If something isn’t selling, I’ll simply price lower.”

Ethically, that would be fine but what also happens in these practices is the patient shows up and then is “hammered on” with up-sells and dirty bait and switch tactics. Think time share gimmickry. YUCK!

Yes. Some will buy at a higher price because of intimidation but many will walk away with a bitter taste in their consumer mouth AND hate more dentists as a by-product. Nice.

What Reality Tells Us

The reality is in every market, you can sell your services at reasonable fees without massive front end discounting if you have a real sales process – meaning a series of check-list steps you follow that ethically influence patients to make better informed decisions.

Every clinician follows specific clinical procedure steps that ensure good treatment outcomes yet 95% follow no specific steps that influence patient decision making for the better.

The question is do you want to equip yourself so you don’t have to discount needlessly or in a crazy fashion (e.g. $299 implant!). If so, it’s possible and predictably done. The sequential selling steps I’ve been teaching the profession have been working to help patients for more than 15 years. It’s automatically part of the Full Arch Program.

Patients need your help with how they decide for or against your services. Why not be responsible and provide the help they need in an ethical fashion?

To have a one-on-one discussion about making all of this happen in your practice, go here.

Dental Implant Program Testimonials

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– Dr. Joe M. Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
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