5 Ways to Attract New Dental Patients to Any Practice – Part 2

Attract new patients

We are full speed ahead in the last business period of 2015 (Labor-Day to 2nd Weekend of December).

This week we continue with the final 3 Ways to Attract New Dental Patients.

“Way” #3 to Attract New Dental Patients

Look REALLY professional.

Did you know trust in the professions, including dentistry, has been on a downward slope for 40 years? Yes, trust in YOU is at an all-time low. Part of the formula for attracting new dental patients at all times involves trust and the impression that patients have of you after they have met you and continue to re-meet you at visits. Impressions can boost or hinder trust. Part of the “secret” to attracting new dental patients is having more trust credibility than others around you.

No “doctor” can afford to ignore the trust issue.

That is why I have seen a huge transformation in doctors and their patients when the doctor wears a white clinic coat for new patient examinations, complete dental physicals, and case presentations. By the way, if you present more than two $5,000 cases per month, do yourself and your patients a favor and take the #1 CE course of its kind.

Beyond every day services, if you are treatment planning and presenting any cases larger than $10,000, your attire changes at case presentation and those details can be found in the 39 Key Tenets guide here.

Here’s when you don’t wear the jacket. During procedures and or surgery. That’s it.

Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle to be attired appropriately at the right time but you are a big boy or girl and you can do it. You made it through dental school and I have no doubt you can make it through the very minor logistics of making this happen.

Looking the part as a professional means you are immediately seen and believe to be more professional AND TRUSTED as compared to the guy/gal across the hallway or street in their disheveled cartoon scrubs.

No matter what you think about this and no matter what you want in your specific and individual practice, when your office, your staff, and YOU look professional, more patients will trust and believe in your versus others and they will gladly “Pay, Stay, Refer, and Reviewtm”.

“Way” #4 to Attract New Dental Patients

Read these 3 books:

  1. How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  2. The Trust Edge by David Horsager
  3. Influence by Robert Cialdini

No, I’m not kidding. Go to Amazon and buy them used.

Read these 3 books and your thoughts on why patients seek out a business will change and ow you approach personal interactions, sales, and marketing will change right along with it and more new dental patients will be the end result.

“Way” #5 to Attract New Dental Patients

Let me personally oversee your marketing, train you and your team how to sell your services, and provide accountability for you and your team.

If you seek niche cases, my team and I provide the guidance and specific resources to get the cases you want.

If you are an everyday “bread & butter” GP, we’ll actually DO ALL YOUR MARKETING FOR YOU. Regardless of which avenue you want, the next step is a personal conversation.

In either category, we provide an exclusive software app that leverages the power of online practice reviews that accelerates all new patient and new cases efforts.

To have your personal conversation, go here.