What does it take to have 50-100 All-on-4 cases every year in dental practice marketing?

dental implant marketing

When it comes to dental implant marketing what does it take to have 50-100 All-on-4 cases every year?

In major metro markets 50-100 cases a year will mean you are one the top 3 docs in the area performing this procedure. In a more rural setting, you very well may be the #1 doc in the entire state/province.

A lot of docs want to know what’s required for this particular dental implant marketing so here’s a summary:

#1 – Great teams. Imagine that. Team is first. It’s impossible to do a lot of cases without a great team on board.

#2 – Advertising. Most will be investing from $10K-$20K every month to generate 50-100 AO4 cases in a year. In this day and age, a lot of the advertising is in very specialized forms of PPC advertising. TV is involved in many markets. Lastly, in some markets newsprint ads, inserts, and even seminars come into play. Even the very best referral practices advertise if they want to hit this level of case volume.

#3- Specialized Web Content. Dental websites routinely say a whole lot about all the wrong things. Most sites are being copied from others without really thinking about this procedure from the patients’ perspective. They just want their teeth and they want them fast without a lot of discomfort or hassle.

#4 – Trust-based ethical selling. There are a lot of reasons why patients want this procedure but nothing we do in dentistry sells itself. These practices either worked hard to figure out a sales process on their own or they were trained in the #1 trust-based program.

#5 – They have good systems. For tracking and for handling a lot of call volume (to have 50-100 cases a year a practice will manage 5,000 inquiries) and to manage spill-over dentistry coming out of the advertising. You can also read about niche advertising by going here to check out my #1 top selling book on Amazon.

#6- Clinical proficiency. Notice what’s last. Absolute easiest part to acquire. Those with a broad base of implant knowledge can easily upgrade their processes and knowledge.

What’s the return: Well the case fee’s range from around $10K an arch in the developing world (Mexico, Vietnam, etc.) to $25K in the U.S. Those willing to do other procedure besides simply full arch cases see a variety of dentistry as a by-product of being positioned as a top practice performing the procedure.

If you’d like to have a discussion about how you can move to have cases at this level, you can so by going here to discuss dental implant marketing further.

P.S. We are currently scheduling new AO4 Program practice starts for February-March.   The sooner you take action on this the better since every year has an annual business cycle and it’s too easy to lose focus of that annual cycle being in full swing come January.