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We’ve gone into the long list of reasons why patients want full arch immediate load implant procedures such as All-on-X / All-on-4. This procedure (or similar protocols) continues to be a winner for patients and for implant practices willing to embrace the right advertising while taking relationship based sales process serious.

We’ve also gone over the population demographics and that the trend of terminal dentition patients wanting and needing these protocols and future derivations of such will continue to expand for the coming 20-30 years. Barring a zombie apocalypse, this procedure will outlive my personal business lifetime and very likely every current reader of this blog’s business lifetime.

That expansion will be be even greater in the Medicare age population in the U.S. as Medicare recipients reach 80 million in 2035 (yes…in the very near future there will be nearly 50% more recipients!). [This is like a nuclear bomb explosion of implant cases where 25-50% of the procedure can be subsidized by a predictable medical benefit for those choosing to do so – but that is of course another subject.]

So, what are the marketing costs to be on your way to at least three full-arch implant cases every month? Let’s discuss.

Initial Costs To Consider

Well, let’s get into starting costs based on market size since that is a key aspect of market cost variability.

Currently, the minimum AVERAGE entry level advertising investment for a 3 arch per month case flow is a low of $2500-3000 per month in markets similar in the size of Duluth MN, $3500-4000 per month in a market similar to Columbus GA, $4500-6000 per month in a market such as a Tulsa, OK, $5500 per month in a market similar in size to Las Vegas, $6500 per month in a market such as Miami Dade/Broward, $7500 per month in a market such as Orange County, Houston or Chicago, and $8K-$10K per month in a market such as Denver, CO. This means there is a wide dollar range to hit the same 3 arch case volume simple because of how many other entities both independents and corporate owned may be putting money into digital search based Google ads that drive up costs.

Variation Considerations

If you are in the UK, Canada, or AUS we can run projections for your market as well due to our status as a global advertising agency.

We see variation in the entry level cost based on LOCAL competition for Google search bidding as well as variability in mass media costs with broadcast TV and subscription print based on viewership and inventory.

Since search based ads are a foundation for finding cases in most markets, another question is are there enough potential patients even searching for answers in your market to meet your minimum cases goals be it 3, 6, 12, 24, or more arches per month???

All of the above is why objective research needs to be the first step once you decide you want to add 3 arches or more per month to your practice schedule each month.

Past ad costs, just how competitive is your market in not only number of advertisers occupying visual real estate but in the quality of the ads (headlines, copy, offers) and sophistication of sales process starting at the website level.

Finally, to help you avoid surprises for future costs, we perform a trademarked Custom Market Analysis ahead of any possible launch into a market location so that you (and us) have objective date on what’s happening right now in your local market and so that everyone is on the same page at what likely risks are based on competition as well as factors specific to your business operation.

To discuss all of this with Dr. McAnally in a one-on-one consultation session, schedule a time here. (The first session is free!)

Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“James, I’ve realized that after adopting your sales process for the implant cases in my practice that we have been leaving 25-50% of our fees on the table. I wish I had discovered you and your training 20 years ago!”
– Dr. Greg Sawyer, Los Gatos, CA

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC