The full arch implant case market has changed significantly.

While price is the primary driver of single tooth cases, the full mouth implant case market is now driven by the following patient desires: least amount of time in treatment, fewest possible procedures, fewest number of visits, desire to be treated in one facility with least number of providers, an easy to understand exit strategy for a terminal dentition, avoidance of complete denture wear, and, less total cost than traditional full arch implant treatment performed in multiple stages.  Immediate loading procedures, specifically the All-on-X techniques with guided surgery assistance, fulfill these patient desires.

Few clinicians are trained in these new modalities. Even fewer with clinical training have assembled the disparate components that include phonesales and case acceptance processes required to successfully find and treat multiple All-on-X cases on a monthly or weekly basis.

If you are trained in an All-on-X modality and are committed to helping patients with these life changing treatments, Big Case Marketing’s ExclusiveFull Arch Program makes it possible for you to have an abundance of All-on-X cases in you practice.

If you desire to be the dominant provider of All-on-X treatment and adhere to advertising budget guidelines and our management philosophies, youcan see 2 or more All-on-X cases weekly within 24 months of entering the Program.

If you practice in a ClearChoice® market, this program leverages their local advertising dollars and positions you as a better choice thanks to our proprietary trainings provided in case acceptance, financial presentation, and phone sales.

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