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The All-on-4®* Advertising Program Puts 50-100 Cases into Your Practice Annually
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Big Case Marketing’s All-on-4® Dental Implant Marketing Program encompasses the biggest network of All-on-4® focused Practices in North America with 34 locations in the U.S. and Canada.  This market area exclusive Dental Implant Advertising Program sends more All-on-4® cases to practices than any other marketing or consulting group. It makes it possible for those trained in the All-on-4® protocol, committed to helping the most patients who can benefit from All-on-4®, to have an abundance of cases annually and to "own" their local market.

Few clinicians are trained to perform this life-changing procedure and even fewer can assemble the disparate components of successful All-on-4® dental implant advertising, All-on-4® dental implant phone sales team training, and All-on-4® dental implant case acceptance training (The McAnally System) required to successfully find and treat multiple All-on-4® cases weekly. For your success, we deliver all of these critical components as part of your participation in the All-on-4® Program.  

The dental implant market has changed significantly. A full account can be found in the following article

Single tooth cases are price driven in most major markets, yet practices treating single teeth who utilize The McAnally System easily remove themselves from commoditization pressures.

Beyond single teeth, the full arch dental implant case market has also changed. While price is the primary driver of single teeth, the full arch dental implant case market is driven less by price and more by the following patient desires: least amount of time in treatment, fewest possible surgical procedures, fewest number of visits, an easy to understand exit strategy for patients with terminal dentitions, a solution to the fear of denture wear, fixed prosthetics, and, less total cost than traditional full arch implants with grafting. Immediate loading procedures, specifically the All-on-4® protocol, fulfill each of these patient desires.  The All-on-4® Advertising Program allows appropriately trained clinicians to see full arch implant patients who are motivated by these desires.

Before acceptance into the All-on-4® Program each practice must complete an application and be screened for facility quality, credibility, and clinical background.    

The All-on-4®* Dental Implant Marketing Program provides everything you need to make you All-on-4® cases an everyday reality.  It's for Implantologists, Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists, and Periodontists.

  • Be the #1 All-on-4® Practice and "own" All-on-4® in your area. Adhere to advertising budget guidelines to see 2-3 All-on-4® cases weekly within 24 months of Program initiation.

  • Up to 70 patient inquiries monthly within 6 months of Program initiation at entry level budget. Callers will need full or partial arch implants or other services (e.g. LANAP, Cerec, etc.).

  • Exclusive and proprietary All-on-4® dental implant advertisements (online PPC and offline mass media). We manage all advertising and adjust based on results from 34 North American practices.

  • Custom All-on-4® budget recommendations tailored to each geographically unique local market. 100% of your advertising budget goes to advertising; not administration!

  • MARKET EXCLUSIVE!! Your All-on-4® Program's geographic market area is protected. Local competitors cannot access the same proven advertising once you are accepted!

  • Fortune 500 level competitor research leverages your competitors’ All-on-4® advertising dollars for your benefit. The more they spend, the more cases you do.

  • All-on-4® specific team and doctor sales training, coaching, and accountability. Everything for success is included from phone sales training and scripting, 24/7 phone live answering set-up, financial coordinator and case acceptance training, plus getting Google patient reviews for All-on-4®

  • Our tested All-on-4® patient focused website content motivates patients to call you versus competitors. If needed, our industry leading All-on-4® landing page with exclusive content can be launched in 30 days OR a new patient focused All-on-4® website is ready within 90 days.

  • Complete website management and ongoing All-on-4® content generation included! Google optimization for All-on-4® and AdWords campaign management are also included in Program fee!

  • Direct monthly oversight of each participating practice by the most recognized authority on All-on-4® implant management, sales, and marketing – Dr James McAnally.

If you are in a ClearChoice® market, we leverage their advertising dollars for your benefit and teach a case acceptance process that leverages their weaknesses.  Our location practices routinely see second opinions and closes cases in these markets. The program positions you as a better choice via proprietary non-clinical training in All-on-4® dental implant case acceptance, All-on-4® dental implant financial presentation, and All-on-4® dental implant phone sales.  Additionally, our proprietary Text2Review technology insures that you have the most online reviews related to the All-on-4® dental implant procedure further positioning your practice as the expert in your local area.

We realize that some clinician's are uncomfortable with the All-on-4® concept and as a result have adopted an All-on-4® and more philosophy where additional implants are placed. The All-on-4® Dental Implant Marketing Program is designed to bring 50-100 cases annually practices regardless of treatment philosophy.

Implant practices not focusing on immediate loading full arch cases can see improvements in their existing implant marketing, case size, and case acceptance rates by completing The McAnally System training.  This training includes direct mail products to bring single and multi-teeth implant cases into these practices. 

To apply for admission to and for a private one on one discussion about the All-on-4® Dental Implant Marketing Program, go here.

*All-on-4® is a licensed trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.   

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I have been in practice for 25 years and am fortunate that my patients generally do not have a problem writing large checks, especially when asked correctly, using your system. As one of the top dental marketing companies, please continue to speak the unvarnished truth. You have spent a great deal of time compiling and organizing your program. There is a great deal that we as dentists don’t know about selling. You are doing a great service to our profession.

Dr. David Cutts, Temecula, California