all-on-x cases can be increased with advertisingThe All-on-X case is the most advertising-driven procedure to date in our profession.

Patients know what “caps,” “facings,” “braces,” “wisdom teeth,” “bridges,” and “root canals” are but ask them what All-on-X is and they’ll give you a blank stare.

Why? Essentially because of confusion on who it’s for by providers and lack of awareness among dentists and patients.

Explanations Matter

Patients seldom know what a “dental implant” is much less a prosthetic solution-based implant procedure like All-on-X.

The vast majority of dentists have no idea which patients are ideal candidates. (e.g. it’s NOT the denture patient). Yet, in the midst of all this patient and dentist confusion, the choice of restorative materials, treatment options presented for the prosthetic (and even implants), the lab, and surgical technique, also matters a lot.

Yes, lab and lab technicians play a very large role in these cases. CT-based surgical planning and guided surgery based on the CT also play larger roles than five years ago.

While treatment planning and treatment is predictable, most GPs staring at the patient mouths who could benefit the most are seldom aware of “what’s the what” with All-on-X. This means that many patients in terminal dentitions who see a dentist are still left in the dark on this treatment option UNLESS they see an advertisement for an independent implant practice or for ClearChoice.

Most of our doctors who allow us to advertise and send them All-on-X cases every month are very far along in their implant education and knowledge and only need us for advertising agency work and sales support. For those who are newer and want to fast-track their education, we provide guidance and mentoring to fill in what’s missing be it clinical, laboratory, and treatment options if needed after you become an advertising member.

Always Room To Improve

If you are advanced now, but don’t have a clinical option that is better than All-on-X, then that is another issue but one that can be rectified once we are engaged as your agency of record.
My personal experience of advertising for these cases in my practice and then in the practices of our members over the course of 21 years has proven the following rule: “No Full-Arch Advertising = No cases.”

For the past 8 years, you have needed to look no further than ClearChoice to understand that 98% of All-on-X cases are advertising-based. Recently Aspen Dental bought ClearChoice not to acquire their clinicians or facilities but to buy up their advertising and sales process. In other words, they bought what we provide to our independent dentists who want All-on-X cases!

ClearChoice has no referring doctor network, does not do general dentistry, does not contract with dental insurance carriers, and does not have a hygiene department, yet their network will treat 50-100 arches every business day BECAUSE of two things alone – they advertise and they use sales process. It’s worth pointing out that EVERY patient at ClearChoice is a stranger who does not know the clinician who will treat them. Without a sales process, it is impossible to be successful in presenting cases that cost the price of new cars to strangers yet this small detail is lost on 99% of even the most highly educated solo practice owners!

Final Thoughts

The catch with All-on-X advertising is that this advertising is the most specialized form of advertising in dentistry There are literally only a few gurus on the topic who run agencies like ours.
Beyond the advertising, It’s also very specific information that these patients will respond to online – also something that requires years of attention to this treatment niche to understand.

If you have had some a-ha’s today related to the reality of this procedure as an advertising-only service, let’s talk about your case goals. Only proven All-on-X advertising and sales process will make those goals a reality. My team and I are here to hand you what’s needed to get you on to achieving those goals (and helping patients and having a heck of a lot of fun on the way!).

To have a one-on-one discussion about making all of this happen in your practice, go here.

All-on-X Advertising Program Testimonials

“Thanks to James and the Full Arch Program, we treat a full arch case every week. I’m having the most fun ever in my long professional career!”
– Dr. Joe M. Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC