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Training and Intention Go Hand-In-Hand with All-on-X


The Full Arch Program is the largest network of independent and DSO implant practices delivering full arch implant care in North America. All of the details are here. It's one thing to be clinically qualified but intention (attitude and mindset) and it's role in success with these cases is also a big deal and rarely discussed professionally. There are thousands of docs with great clinical qualifications but either as a result of being 'Negative Nancy's' in between the ears or by being too concerned about what other's think of them, they seldom move up to treating (or helping) as many patients as [...]

Training and Intention Go Hand-In-Hand with All-on-X2021-09-22T10:05:56-04:00

All-on-X Practice Websites: What’s Important


Recently, I had calls with several All-on-X focused docs who had either recently spent $12K plus with Einstein Dental on a website or were considering it. It’s utter nonsense to spend this kind of money on a website now, next year, or the year after and be it with Einstein, Progressive, or whoever, and I’ll go into the reasons below. Now for these two particular practices for which we were discussing the Full Arch Program, when I hear $12,000 I think of 2-3 months of an ad budget to generate 6-10 full arch implant cases being consumed by something that NO [...]

All-on-X Practice Websites: What’s Important2021-09-21T17:13:32-04:00

Our Expertise Exclusive To YOUR Practice


When it comes to niche full arch implant service advertising, it's important to have a market exclusive relationship for both the ads bringing your cases and the strategies employed on your behalf that are specific to your market location. Here's why. What Successful Implant Marketing Takes With all All-on-X, it's a numbers game. It takes... ...so many phone calls to that lead to... ...so many consults that lead to... ...so many complete dental physicals that ultimately generate the desire number of monthly  case starts. Whether the goal is 3, 6, 12, or 30 arches per month, we have a fairly certain idea [...]

Our Expertise Exclusive To YOUR Practice2021-09-21T17:05:35-04:00

Doctor: You and All-on-4 / All-on-X Are Not BMW, Mercedes, Lexus Nor Toyota!


While most implant dentists would rather have a root canal than discuss sales or address sales issues in their business, the reality is sales is a mandatory and serious aspect of practice operations for anyone wanting to treat multiple full arch cases on a monthly or weekly basis. You Can't Wing Luxury Patient out of pocket cost is the #1 reason that sales process can’t be ‘winged.’ The most basic full mouth rehabilitation with a cosmetic denture upper and a lower implant retained appliance ranges from $10K-$20K (i.e. the price of a Kia) and can go to $50K-$80K depending on type [...]

Doctor: You and All-on-4 / All-on-X Are Not BMW, Mercedes, Lexus Nor Toyota!2021-09-16T12:04:52-04:00

Implant Case Presentation Is Not What You Were Taught In Dental School


Have you spent many thousands of dollars on implant advertising and you received leads, but not many leads ended up as cases? Is your local area saturated by corporate chains like ClearChoice, Aspen Dental, Heartland, Affordable Dentures & Implants, and others? Do you hate the feeling of being a salesperson who needs to “close” people on treatments? Does what you’ve been told related to sales in dental implant CE courses feel like it doesn’t belong in a professional practice or sound ‘gimmicky?’ Are you still presenting your implant cases as taught to you in dental school with lists of procedures, codes, [...]

Implant Case Presentation Is Not What You Were Taught In Dental School2021-09-03T10:21:17-04:00

Make Your Month in 3 Days (TM) Treating Full-Arch Implant Cases


More than 80% of our advertising doctors treat from three to six arches per month.  At this arch volume, these doctors ‘make their implant production’ in just 3 days.  Yes, we have a smaller group who ‘go big’ and want 10-20 or even ClearChoice-level 30 arches per month but most are happy clinically administratively at the three to six arch per month volume. In the U.S. when you add up all the specialists and implantologists capable of treating full arches comprehensively (surgery and restorative), it’s less than 10,000 providers.  Each of these providers could be at this case volume but the [...]

Make Your Month in 3 Days (TM) Treating Full-Arch Implant Cases2021-08-26T12:15:57-04:00

Working On Weekends


Doctors who are ambitious and driven take more CE than all the rest combined. They go to Kois, Spear, LVI, Misch, Pankey, etc. They sometimes attend CE on weekends or travel on a weekend day to get there. On a recent weekend, I met to have dinner with a group of doctors driven to help more patients with the All-on-X technique.  They were in Miami to attend a course at one of the best AOX surgical trainers in the country. Yes, to help more patients sometimes requires working on a weekend for them and me. The Best Docs Help the Best [...]

Working On Weekends2021-08-17T15:27:51-04:00

Why I Love Young Oral Surgeons and Periodontists


Younger oral surgeons and periodontists get it! (Occasionally, older ones get wise and also get it!) In a second, we'll cover what "it" is all about. Professions are slow to change. On the whole, this is a good thing. The most change embracing group in dentistry has traditionally been the GP, especially in dental implants, but that's no longer the case.  There are some specialists who are now surpassing the GPs with embracing how they can go to the public as the biggest local expert and help far more patients in an ethical manner with full arch implant care. In fact, [...]

Why I Love Young Oral Surgeons and Periodontists2021-08-17T15:36:27-04:00

When To NOT Use Nobel Biocare Implants for All-on-X Cases


With dental implants, there is a time to use premium and there is a time to not use premium implants. As a business owner and clinician there is a balancing act between cutting supply costs just for the sake of cutting costs versus ensuring you deliver a clinically predictable long-term result.  Too often clinicians look at implant fixtures as completely interchangeable and then simply go to a lowest cost solution. Clinicians complain about patients doing this to them and then the clinician does the same thing when it comes to applying "cheap" to things that aren’t exactly the same! Often times [...]

When To NOT Use Nobel Biocare Implants for All-on-X Cases2021-08-17T15:02:45-04:00

Why There’s No Such Thing As Franchise All-on-X


There are a few entities out there claiming to be "franchisors" of the All-on-X procedure as a business model. How many dental franchises can you name and point to as resoundingly successful in the profession? Different Models for Different Businesses Think of the biggest national clinic names you know: First up. ClearChoice - 100% corporate owned (now owned by Aspen). Definitely not a franchise. There is Aspen dental which owns its locations 100%. Again not a franchise. Then there is Heartland which buys practices and hires back the owners for a period. Also not a franchise. Then there are a myriad [...]

Why There’s No Such Thing As Franchise All-on-X2021-08-17T11:57:47-04:00
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