The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage: The 39 Key Tenets for Practice Success


39 Keys common to the top 20% of dental practices. Publicly revealed for the first time. "A critical education for the advanced trained dentist...written by a visionary to the profession. - D. T. Magazine"

Dr. James McAnally’s acclaimed book and Amazon best seller, The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage, Volume 2, provides in-depth discussion of the 39 Key Tenets of ethical selling and promotion – the exact approach used by the top 20% of dentists in North America. It's your first step to joining the 20%.

The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage Vol. 2 reveals:

  • What motivates patient's behavior

  • How to ensure patients understand your discussions and procedure explanations

  • How to command higher fees in your local market area

  • One thing to know about dental advertising that increases your success rate

  • How to effectively promote the specific services you want to grow in your practice

  • A proven process to present treatment options and costs based on solid scientific principles

  • Step-by-step how-to's for presenting treatment options and fees to your patients

  • Specific technologies that can impact your acceptance rate by at least 50%

Readers of The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage Vol. 2 at Amazon give it 4.9 out of 5 stars.
Here’s what some say:

  • "Must be read by every dentist with advanced training." – Daniel T. Morof

  • "The keys to your success engine." – Steve Sperling

  • "Complex dental care is a different animal." – Scott Rice

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Going through The McAnally Selling System™ helped me focus on all facets of big case marketing techniques from the first phone call to the completed treatment consult where the happy patient gladly gives you a wonderful testimonial. I learned how to create a 'body of evidence' for patients in preparation for their first visit. I learned how to screen prospective patients, so I don’t spend valuable consultation time with patients who are not good prospects. There is definitely a science to presenting large treatment plans and helping patients truly understand their problems – and their options. This program, and understanding big case marketing conversion, helped me eliminate the confusion that occurs when we present a complex case to a patient. Any dentist interested in doing complex case dentistry will benefit from this program.

Dr. T.L., northern California