The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage: The 39 Key Tenets for Practice Success


39 Keys common to the top 20% of dental practices. Publicly revealed for the first time. "A critical education for the advanced trained dentist...written by a visionary to the profession. - D. T. Magazine"

Dr. James McAnally’s acclaimed book and Amazon best seller, The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage, Volume 2, provides in-depth discussion of the 39 Key Tenets of ethical selling and promotion – the exact approach used by the top 20% of dentists in North America. It's your first step to joining the 20%.

The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage Vol. 2 reveals:

  • What motivates patient's behavior

  • How to ensure patients understand your discussions and procedure explanations

  • How to command higher fees in your local market area

  • One thing to know about dental advertising that increases your success rate

  • How to effectively promote the specific services you want to grow in your practice

  • A proven process to present treatment options and costs based on solid scientific principles

  • Step-by-step how-to's for presenting treatment options and fees to your patients

  • Specific technologies that can impact your acceptance rate by at least 50%

Readers of The Dentist’s Unfair Advantage Vol. 2 at Amazon give it 4.9 out of 5 stars.
Here’s what some say:

  • "Must be read by every dentist with advanced training." – Daniel T. Morof

  • "The keys to your success engine." – Steve Sperling

  • "Complex dental care is a different animal." – Scott Rice

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big case marketing testimonial

I found The McAnally Selling System™ to be excellent. Dr. James McAnally is extremely well organized. The first session handouts and materials alone are worth the price of admission. I joined to learn how to get more of the big cases in my office, because my favorite thing is providing denture wearers with fixed teeth again. It changes their life forever. Without this dental implant marketing and selling program, I simply could not have achieved my goal. I have sold two $30K+ cases this week and had my first $200,000 month this year thanks to this program. I am in various stages of 7 full arch implant supported bridges right now at about $30k + each as a result of what I have learned directly from James." Several months later Dr. Sawyer wrote: "We just had our biggest month ever with over $210K in production, and $240K in collection. The marketing theory, ads, and case acceptance systems have delivered. My only regrets are thinking of all the cases that were under-presented in the past, and the patients who now have less than what dentistry could have done for them.

Dr. Greg Sawyer, Los Gatos, California