A Reliable Approach for Putting Big Implant Cases in Your Chair

Have you spent many thousands of dollars on advertising and you received leads, but not many leads ended up as patients?

Is your local area saturated by corporate chains like ClearChoice, Aspen Dental, Heartland, Ion, and others?

Do you hate the feeling of being a salesperson who needs to “close” people on treatments?

Are you not seeing enough of the big implant cases that you trained so hard for?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then this is the most important web page you will read in a long time. That’s because there’s a solution to your marketing dilemma: it’s called the McAnally Case Acceptance System.

Protect and grow your practice with a proven system that generates more than 1,200 full-arch cases per year, representing more than 27 million dollars.

There are plenty of sales systems for dentists, but not for highly trained practitioners of implant dentistry. The cases we’re trained to treat are among the most complex in all of dentistry. Because of that complexity—and the much larger fees associated with these treatments—the typical dental marketing systems are inadequate.

I discovered that fact myself, after getting frustrated at the poor case-acceptance rates these systems generated for me. That’s when I began a long process of research into persuasion science from sources like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, and Princeton, as well as studying and applying marketing concepts from many industries.

What you see in my Case Acceptance System is a refined and proven set of tools that work to turn leads into big cases in your chair. In fact, a 200-300% increase in returns from current dental marketing and referrals is common.

If you compete with corporate dental entities, my system is your best defense to protect your practice. You will have a system that allows you to easily collect 100 or more online patient reviews annually. Think of what that will do for your online reputation.

A zero-pressure sales process that’s also effective
I know that “hate” is a strong word, but I’ll use it anyway: I hate high-pressure sales tactics when I’m the target. That’s why I’ve never liked playing the role of salesman with my patients, needing to “close” them on agreeing to a procedure.

My Case Acceptance System is a zero-pressure sales process and an ethical framework for influencing patient decisions for the better. Zero pressure sales means you stand above all your competitors.

You’ll find that stress is removed from treatment-cost conversations because patients will qualify themselves financially as part of my system. You’ll spend time working with those who can afford your options, and who are grateful for your help.

If you so choose, you can also look forward to freeing yourself forever from the discounted insurance model; or you can sell far more efficiently within the insurance system—even at full fees for bigger cases.

Here are the components of the Case Acceptance System
This system is delivered online in six monthly sessions. It includes:

Video presentations by Dr. McAnally
You receive monthly intensive video training where I walk through each step in this proven system, teaching you and your team each element. Sessions are 60-90 minutes long and delivered online.

A Real Sales Process for Your Phone
How your phone is handled (or not handled) is a major determinant of whether you will have a steady flow of full-arch patients. We deliver one-on-one, in-depth sales training for your phone staff to ensure this important tool works for your maximum benefit. Your staff will know exactly what to say on the phone to convert calls to consults and then to exams.

A Private One-on-One Monthly Consultation with Dr. McAnally
If you choose the top level of the Case Acceptance System, you and I will meet monthly. We will focus on getting the most out of your training and your advertising and marketing efforts. These calls ensure that we remove any issues or roadblocks that may be holding back your practice.

Participation in monthly teleconferences with Dr. McAnally and his team.
This is a further opportunity to get answers to any questions you and your team may have, while hearing questions from other dentists and my answers. Attend them live or listen to the recorded calls.

Exclusive 24/7 Phone Answering System
Dentists who answer their phone 24/7 gain more trust and respect from patients and have higher new-patient conversions from their advertising and referral sources. In our connected 24/7 world, most dentists ignore 16 hours of every business day and 48 hours of every weekend, assuming that voicemail is sufficient. It is not. Let your competitors continue to believe that. We will coordinate setting up a system so your phone is answered live 24/7 with our proven answering scripts. They build trust and create more appointments than voicemail ever will.

We Create World-Class Financial Coordinators
Contrary to vendor opinion, it makes zero sense to offer 3rd party financing to every patient (Care Credit, The Lending Club, Schein, etc.). We give you a specific framework for how best to use these tools. We also teach your financial coordinator how to use Smart Discounting at case presentation while still allowing you to do the dentistry you love at a reasonable and fair fee. This is a repeatable framework with specific documents that guide patients through the financial decision-making process. The tuition of the entire course is routinely recovered via your financial coordinator’s first three major financial presentations after learning my system.

You Will Get Many Additional Tools
To prevail in hotly competitive markets, you and your staff need training and a robust toolkit. In addition to all of the above, you’ll get:

  • my trademarked seven-page checklist that’s licensed to your practice
  • a one-location license for the #1 cellphone-based tool for capturing online patient reviews
  • worksheets that save time and streamline your operations
  • financial-coordinator and treatment-planning documents
  • tools to capture prospective patients
  • tracking monitors
  • special materials that create your unique positioning for why patients should choose you over other options
  • many other dental marketing tips and tools

This Training is Flexible and Efficient
You and your staff can implement The Case Acceptance System from your office or home, at a pace that your schedule allows. It requires no travel and no time is lost from your practice.

In fact, some practices delegate all selling to their team, although this is not ideal from a persuasion-science standpoint because you are the expert in your practice.

If you have at least one team member with a minimum of one hour of time available weekly, then in six short months you can be operating on a much higher level with every fee-for-service and niche case in your practice.

There is Zero Financial Risk
No contracts. Pay as you go. Your first accepted major treatment plan will fully cover your tuition. Some practice owners report that several multiples of their tuition were returned to them before even completing the program. Dentists even report this in practices that are 100% insurance committed.

Many highly trained generalists with niche skills and orthodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists, and periodontists discover that having an efficient, zero-pressure sales process brings immediate results.

In fact, dentists using the Case Acceptance System report that they enjoy:

  • more control over their schedule
  • more satisfying work because they focus on the types of cases they enjoy
  • greater patient satisfaction with treatment
  • a happier staff
  • a significant boost to their bottom line
  • 200-300% better returns from existing marketing
  • better clinical results
  • less hassle and headaches
  • more self-confidence
  • winning against corporate enemies (Aspen Dental, ClearChoice, Heartland, Ion, etc.)

The Next Step is Easy
Of course, I don’t know the details of your practice, so I can’t say that my system is exactly right for you. That’s why it makes sense to have a 30-minute, 18-point practice review with me. It’s not a hard-sell or even any kind of sell, but instead an informal conversation to see if my system can help your practice. It’s free and you can book a time here.

I look forward to hearing about your practice.

Components of the
McAnally Selling System

The entire process of getting new patients is the McAnally Selling System. That system has two main parts: The Full-Arch Implant Advertising Program gets people to call or write you. The details are here.

The second part of the process is the Case Acceptance System. It’s comprehensive training, coaching about what you and your staff say and do, in order to turn those advertising leads into patients.

Together, these systems are responsible for sending more than 1,200 full-arch implant cases to our members each year. These cases represent more than $27 million in full-arch implant case sales annually, on top of about $20 million in other big-case services.

About Dr. James McAnally
My clinical background is more than 19 years at chair-side treatment and I continue to hold an active clinical license. I hold a fellowship in the AGD, fellowship in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, am a fellow at the Misch National Implant Institute, Member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, as well as Pierre Fauchard Academy.