Full Arch Program Member Gets $174K in Cases in Just Two Weeks!


Music to me and my team's ears... "Hello James:  a quick update on the activity of Full Arch =Program this last 2 weeks.  We closed on an U/L AO4 "Medicare" case for $40,000 USD and also on a FMRx full mouth reconstruction $45,000 which came in due to the Program advertising plus my name recognition in newspaper plus the great content you have about my skills at the website.  I find that new patients come in because I am in the public recognition which is a by-product of the AOX advertising." One week later: "Hello Doctor: in the time that I [...]

Full Arch Program Member Gets $174K in Cases in Just Two Weeks!2023-05-23T12:09:07-04:00

Here’s Why Your All-on-X Website Content Doesn’t Work


I personally review at least a dozen implant practice websites on a weekly basis.  Generally, I am not impressed. It's RARE to find one site in my week that currently has the right content (words, images, and photos) that patients considering a full arch of implants wants to see. What Implant Dentists Get Wrong with Content Here's what's usually there: The wrong words The wrong images The wrong photos Broken links Tired, old looking, appearance Fancy, new sites that are VERY dentist/technical focused Flying drone shots (seriously people, drones?!?) Fancy Videos that Patients Don't Care About Close Up Zoom-Ins of [...]

Here’s Why Your All-on-X Website Content Doesn’t Work2023-05-23T12:12:26-04:00

A Noteworthy New Full Arch Program Testimonial


This recent testimonial is from one of our member locations in Northern California; just one of many super competitive markets we work and succeed in. "Hello Doctor: A note, again, to let you know how happy I am with your Full Arch Program program. It has carried me into the New Year with Great Anticipation and Hope! Even though I have many, many full arch cases, most were being finished from last year and few new ones coming along which meant little money coming in for the ongoing monthly overhead. I foresaw this issue last April when I viewed your [...]

A Noteworthy New Full Arch Program Testimonial2023-05-23T12:14:47-04:00

What Creates 100 Full-Arch Cases Yearly?


Change is a constant. I see it in the time I've been active in the implant world since 1995. The procedures and clinical thinking has evolved (AKA changed), protocols and implant design and work flows have changed, and there have been changes on the advertising and sales side of the equation. What's Changing? In advertising, the procedure (full arch implants), there's been a few minor (and a few major) changes in the wording of the messages that work best. However, even in the digital age, some of the same very best messages that worked for creating implant cases in the [...]

What Creates 100 Full-Arch Cases Yearly?2023-05-23T12:15:21-04:00

Another Secret About Medicare


Full-arch implant cases, and, specifically, the All-on-X case, is almost entirely an advertising based service. At least 95% of cases are created by advertising. Yes, occasionally there is an oral surgeon, with a hella-massive referral network, who can avoid advertising for All-on-X cases BUT most specialists, including the OMFS and PERO docs, are in the exact same boat as the implantologist. You can refuse to accept this reality but, like it or not, if you refuse to advertise for All-on-X you will have few All-on-X cases and maybe even zero cases. It's sad to think about the expensive CE, time, [...]

Another Secret About Medicare2023-05-23T12:16:44-04:00

ClearChoice Sends Our Doctors Cases Every Week


ClearChoice is one of the best things that ever happened to implant dentistry. I explain more about this in our educational presentation on the full arch implant market, but, in a nutshell, they're "bombarding" the U.S. population with their commercials creates a higher level of awareness than any association or specialty organization has. It's not just ClearChoice advertising on the airwaves, but also this entity, and this one, and this one. Pop quiz? Of these 4, how many are running digital or TV ads in 'your' market? It's important to know this, doc. Now back to ClearChoice... It's Not About ClearChoice Imagine if the [...]

ClearChoice Sends Our Doctors Cases Every Week2023-05-23T12:19:29-04:00

Advertising Realities for Full-Arch Cases: Concept #2 – Best Messages


I've gone into the long list of reasons why the public wants immediate implant procedures such as All-on-4 / All-on-X / etc. There are millions of patients in terminal dentitions and millions who will enter that category during their life and every patient in this category is interested in options. One thing is certain, they do NOT want the dentures they saw their parents suffer with (or not wear at all!). While ortho and cosmetics will always have an audience in dentate patients, we are in a 20-30 year expansion period in the segment of patients not exposed to fluoride [...]

Advertising Realities for Full-Arch Cases: Concept #2 – Best Messages2023-05-23T12:22:27-04:00

Implant Case Presentation Is Not What You Were Taught In Dental School


Have you spent many thousands of dollars on implant advertising and you received leads, but not many leads ended up as cases? Is your local area saturated by corporate chains like ClearChoice, Aspen Dental, Heartland, Affordable Dentures & Implants, and others? Do you hate the feeling of being a salesperson who needs to “close” people on treatments? Does what you’ve been told related to sales in dental implant CE courses feel like it doesn’t belong in a professional practice or sound ‘gimmicky?’ Are you still presenting your implant cases as taught to you in dental school with lists of procedures, codes, [...]

Implant Case Presentation Is Not What You Were Taught In Dental School2023-05-24T12:01:23-04:00

The Average Dentist and Terminal Dentitions


Past full arch implant clinical skills which are easy to acquire and gaining the ability to "sell" cases that cost as much as a nice motorbike or a well equipped car, unless you secure professional specialty advertising assistance, the odds are stacked greatly against you having a regular supply of terminal dentition patients looking for full arch implant answers who are also willing to write a check for the fee involved (or for at least 50-75% of the fee if the Medicare oral surgery benefit is involved for our 65+ year old US patients). When 'They Have A Dentist' Now, another advertising [...]

The Average Dentist and Terminal Dentitions2023-05-24T12:10:32-04:00

Two Facts About Advertising Costs for All-on-X / All-on-4 Cases


We put full arch “All-on-X” implant cases in practices like yours every month – it’s literally all we do.  The No. 1 question we get when we do this is as follows: "What’s my cost to generate these cases every month from advertising?" It's an understandable question and one that requires fact-based answers. Facts About Advertising Costs for All-on-X Cases FACT 1: The advertising cost in many markets for 6 full arch “All-on-X” cases is roughly $7K per month. Those 6 cases equal $100K-$200K each month in implant production. FACT 2: Patients only want to go to implant specialty practices [...]

Two Facts About Advertising Costs for All-on-X / All-on-4 Cases2023-05-24T12:12:00-04:00
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