Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies What have I learned from 30+ years of running dental businesses and having my hand in hundreds of advanced clinical practices spending tons of money on advertising in great (and not so great) economies? Well, the No. 1 business endeavor that made the most difference economically throughout these varying economies wasn’t the practices’ advertising; it was whether a practice possessed mastership level sales abilities in both sales process and sales leadership. In down economies, it meant more money from the business flow, be it from existing patients or from any and all [...]

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Selling Big Cases and Challenging Economies2023-05-23T12:00:24-04:00

Why BCM New Teeth in 1 Day™?


Why BCM New Teeth in 1 Day™? Before we get into the topic of the power of BCM New Teeth in 1 Day™ and New Teeth in 1 Day™ (a trademarked phrases owned by Big Case Marketing LLC and licensed to our clients), let’s talk about names. Names have value. Names help sell. Names set expectations for quality. Names set expectations for pricing. Toyota, BMW, Lexus, BMW. The first things to come to mind for me are quality, luxury, long-lasting. Now think about Dollar Tree. My first thoughts are cheap crap, unsafe products, Chinese junk. In implant dentistry, we have ClearChoice, [...]

Why BCM New Teeth in 1 Day™?2023-05-23T12:00:55-04:00

What You Need to Know About 2023 Dental Implant Ad Costs


What You Need to Know About 2023 Dental Implant Ad Costs Here’s something you won’t hear from companies pitching Google and/or Facebook advertising for full-arch implant patients. In many major markets (think top 50 metros), expensive digital ads have “jumped the shark.” In case you don’t understand the phrase, it’s referencing the 1970s hit sitcom Happy Days where in the last season as the writers were floundering in efforts to develop new plotlines to keep the show alive they wrote an episode where the lead character Fonzie would water ski in his leather biker jacket and literally “jump a shark” while [...]

What You Need to Know About 2023 Dental Implant Ad Costs2023-05-23T12:01:27-04:00

Full Arch Program Member Gets $174K in Cases in Just Two Weeks!


Music to me and my team's ears... "Hello James:  a quick update on the activity of Full Arch =Program this last 2 weeks.  We closed on an U/L AO4 "Medicare" case for $40,000 USD and also on a FMRx full mouth reconstruction $45,000 which came in due to the Program advertising plus my name recognition in newspaper plus the great content you have about my skills at the website.  I find that new patients come in because I am in the public recognition which is a by-product of the AOX advertising." One week later: "Hello Doctor: in the time that I [...]

Full Arch Program Member Gets $174K in Cases in Just Two Weeks!2023-05-23T12:09:07-04:00

Here’s a Typical Ledger for Medicare and All-on-4


If you click here, you will find a patient ledger showing how $13,000 was collected from Medicare for a double arch AO4/AO6 patient. There's also walk through on case fees and how this be approached. There is literally is no bad outcome for getting free money for qualified Medicare patients. The Medicare Money Program is available only as part of our Full Arch Advertising Program. It is market exclusive meaning only a limited number of clinicians will have access to ledger situations like this (and an amazing way to help more patients) thanks to the Medicare insurance system. To discuss [...]

Here’s a Typical Ledger for Medicare and All-on-42023-05-23T12:11:53-04:00

Our Dental Implant Print Ads Have Sold…


The majority is usually wrong.  Yet, most educated dentists don't even know that maxim! Here's a huge insider secret in the dental implant advertising sub niche. Newsprint via subscription daily newspaper has sold and continues to sell more dental implants world wide than any other medium (including Google) yet most in the profession are clueless of this fact. It takes the right headlines, the right copy, and the right artwork illustrations but when you get it right something magical happens. Print Ad Success Our print ads have sold more dental implants than any other print ads in the profession. Yes, [...]

Our Dental Implant Print Ads Have Sold…2023-05-23T12:13:01-04:00

What Is Your Plan for Full-Arch Implant Cases?


Within 18 months of founding our Program, we surpassed ClearChoice with the number of practice locations in North America. Then they opened a few new centers and went back to being #1, then we quickly regained the upper hand and have continued to add 1-2 new locations monthly.  Since then, we go back and forth. And of course, outside of the industry gorilla (ClearChoice), no one else ever comes even close to how many doctors we have worked with for cases (and continue to work with as an ad agency). The Difference with Full-Arch Cases The more doctors we have [...]

What Is Your Plan for Full-Arch Implant Cases?2023-05-23T12:13:44-04:00

What’s the Cost for Advertising All-on-4 Cases?


We've gone into the long list of reasons why patients want full arch immediate load implant procedures such as All-on-X / All-on-4. This procedure (or similar protocols) continues to be a winner for patients and for implant practices willing to embrace the right advertising while taking relationship based sales process serious. We've also gone over the population demographics and that the trend of terminal dentition patients wanting and needing these protocols and future derivations of such will continue to expand for the coming 20-30 years. Barring a zombie apocalypse, this procedure will outlive my personal business lifetime and very likely [...]

What’s the Cost for Advertising All-on-4 Cases?2023-05-23T12:20:34-04:00

Imagine: Getting Your Full Case Fee While Medicare Covers Up to HALF of That Fee for the Patient


Right now, there is a 99% chance AGAINST there being another practice, within your driving distance market area, that is capable of getting Original Part B Medicare patients a 25-50% treatment subsidy (up to $13,600) for their oral surgery/implant care. You read that right, up to $13,600 in FREE money for implant patients looking for someone who will happily file a Medicare claim for them as part of the same patient also paying for the remaining treatment cost (i.e. restorations) out of pocket. Imagine The Possibilities Imagine, for a moment, the following scenarios at your practice: 1. Getting your full AOX case fee (Medicare payment [...]

Imagine: Getting Your Full Case Fee While Medicare Covers Up to HALF of That Fee for the Patient2023-05-23T12:21:15-04:00

Social Media for All-on-4 / All-on-X?

2023-05-24T11:55:10-04:00 a nutshell total bunk, B.S., a waste of time and resources. The only thing even faintly close to social media that matters to a implant practice doing AOX cases are REVIEWS and PHOTOs of CASES treated that are posted/shown. When you look at all the types of advertising that we handle as an agency to find 36-100+ AOX cases annually for each client, you'll find almost no mention of Facebook, Instagram, etc.  It's absence speaks volumes. What To Focus On Instead The best use of time, energy, and money is to focus on WHERE patients are actively searching for [...]

Social Media for All-on-4 / All-on-X?2023-05-24T11:55:10-04:00
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