Dental Practice Management

25Aug 2015
Problem solving principles

 My Top 10 Principles of Problem Solving Problem solving principles are not taught in dental school. Dental school teaches clinical problem solving but FAILS at teaching problem solving for running a professional service business. Today you’ll get the distillation of years of trial and error about how I approach “problems” and how it can impact

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08Jul 2015
dental case acceptance control

Dentistry in many ways is still in the dark ages. Fundamentally we refuse to learn from history especially when it comes to human behavior related to decision making and how it directly impacts dental case acceptance and fees. For more than 100 years, we’ve continued to try to “educate” our patients especially when it comes

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17Jun 2015
dental case acceptance and better faster cheaper

You current challenges and your immense reward or potential rewards that come from your owning a business are a direct result of one or more of these words and the actions they create in the economic worlds of your patients. Technology and information drives the better, faster, cheaper process and it’s happening in spite of

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