Do What Works… Or Do What’s Insane?


We are 50% advertising agency and 50% SALES consultancy. Why? Because even with some of the very best ads in the universe (ours), economic results are greatly hindered if the practice thinks and acts like a 'classic' one presenting and treating a few fillings and crowns here and there and doing hygiene checks. The processes, conversations, behaviors, and mindsets in this environment are basically like kryptonite to economic results to full arch implant advertising. The ads flood the phone with patients but they are never invited into the practice in a way that moves them on to consults, presentations, and [...]

Do What Works… Or Do What’s Insane?2023-05-23T12:17:34-04:00

When To NOT Use Nobel Biocare Implants for All-on-X Cases


With dental implants, there is a time to use premium and there is a time to not use premium implants. As a business owner and clinician there is a balancing act between cutting supply costs just for the sake of cutting costs versus ensuring you deliver a clinically predictable long-term result.  Too often clinicians look at implant fixtures as completely interchangeable and then simply go to a lowest cost solution. Clinicians complain about patients doing this to them and then the clinician does the same thing when it comes to applying "cheap" to things that aren’t exactly the same! Often [...]

When To NOT Use Nobel Biocare Implants for All-on-X Cases2023-05-24T12:04:17-04:00
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