Ethical Selling Dentistry

25Apr 2013
ethical selling dentistry

Using my ethical selling system has worked unbelievably well for me when I was in practice and now for my program members who rave how well my systems have worked for them. And guess what happens when you have an alignment of: good clinical skills, decent personality, being a bit more “out there” with putting

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28Feb 2013
dental practice advice

In my dental practice advice series I tell my dentist members that worrying about your competitors is a waste of time and does not accomplish anything. Since there are practically two dentists on every block, it is very tempting to pay attention to what they are all doing. For “fun” some dentists drive around on

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05Feb 2013
Ethical selling dentistry

  While discussing ethical selling dentistry recently with program members, confidence and why it’s so important was on the discussion list. Consistency is just as under-rated as confidence! Unfortunate, since consistency is a big deal in relationships and most certainly when it comes to ethical selling dentistry. If and when patients experience breakdown of any

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