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More than 1,000 advanced clinicians use The McAnally Selling System™
– Dentists who want more satisfying cases and to help more patients.

The McAnally Selling System™ works. This proven, research backed, check-list system, gives you and your staff the ability to ethically sell major treatment. Like a thousand other dentists, you gain more control over your schedule, can focus on the cases that are most interesting for you, increase your marketing returns by 25%, and boost your bottom line. Plus, you’ll make an even bigger positive impact on each patient's life.

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Proved out by a thousand dentists

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As a result of The McAnally Selling System™, I am able to better target the cases I enjoy doing, have more cases go into treatment, and complete cases at fees more in keeping with the time and effort I’ve spent honing my skills. The ethical sales training and step-by -step method for selling that Dr. McAnally teaches has removed the stress of treatment plan presentations for my team and me – and for our prospective patients. If you want to be compensated appropriately for your services and help more patients choose better treatment options, this is the ONE training you need in order to learn big case marketing conversion. If this can work in Quebec, it can work anywhere!

Dr. Pierre C., Montreal, Quebec, Canada