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More than 1,000 advanced clinicians use The McAnally Selling System™
– Dentists who want more satisfying cases and to help more patients.

The McAnally Selling System™ works. This proven, research backed, check-list system, gives you and your staff the ability to ethically sell major treatment. Like a thousand other dentists, you gain more control over your schedule, can focus on the cases that are most interesting for you, increase your marketing returns by 25%, and boost your bottom line. Plus, you’ll make an even bigger positive impact on each patient's life.

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Proved out by a thousand dentists


I am blown away by the depth and breadth of The McAnally Selling System™. This is the holy grail of dentistry! This dental case acceptance program is responsible for the recent uptick in our business. There has been a severe slump since Hurricane Sandy in my area, and as soon as we started this program, things started to pick up. Each time my staff and I review another program section, we see more of the pieces fall into place. We feel more in control of our intake and consultation process than ever before. We are discussing $75,000 to $110,000 cases routinely, and we feel ready to take them in stride.

Robert K., DMD MICOI MAGD, northern New Jersey