Master Dental Case Acceptance without Getting on a Plane

Dental Case Acceptance

Want to learn about mastering the methods of dental case acceptance without leaving your home or practice ??

Now you don’t have to travel to learn and implement dentistry’s best and most scientifically validated case acceptance system (now in use on five continents).  Available world-wide and at a monthly tuition that even a dental student could handle.

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Personally, I’m in the air today on a cross country flight.  While I prefer working staring at the palm trees out the window, there’s a lot of stuff one can get done on a plane these days.  Send/receive documents, pay bills, email, and catch-up on reading.

I’ve dramatically cut back my number of travel days over the past few years by choice simply because it’s not fun AND there really isn’t the need for it thanks to the internet and being able to move more of our training to the online environment.

Certainly doesn’t hurt that confronting the TSA coming and going on these trips makes me want to stay in my own backyard.  Born out of panic and fear, we’re stuck with a massive bureaucracy with mufti-million dollar scanners that are broken a size-able chunk of the time and force us to run a gauntlet of exercises that do little for real security. To avoid all that I have developed my online program to help members increase dental case acceptance many times over.

FYI:  Stanford has 58,000 students signed up for a new online course.  That’s more than enrolled in the entire university.  We’re hitting the tipping point with people getting smarter about how to get educated.  Are you getting smarter about this?

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