Dental Case Acceptance and Barriers to Treatment

dental case acceptance

In my dental case acceptance system I show the dentists in my course how to reduce the barriers to treatment by a proven sales system based on current behavioral science used in all industries. I am the first to apply this science to dentistry.

Barriers to Treatment (or deciding to have treatment) – Play out in practice day in and day out yet colleagues strike out again and again when their batting average could be much higher AND they’d help more patients if they only used a sales system which I developed in my own practice.

Ultimately, there are only 12 barriers to patients choosing dental treatment once they are engaged with a practice. Most dentists would say simply “money” which shows a lack of attention paid to human behavior, emotions, and what patients tell them directly or hint at in discussions. My system has been developed by knowing what to listen for…………..

So what are these 12 barriers ?
Here they are in random order-
*Spouse – Significant other
*Other check writer
*Treatment Outcomes
*Don’t believe there’s a need
*Choice overload

Be honest and assess how many of the above barriers you have addressed as part of YOUR selling system.  And SYSTEM is a crucial word here because if you aren’t selling by a System you have ZERO chance of randomly thinking about these 12 as part of your sales process and it is crushing your dental case acceptance numbers.

As part of the completely new and updated version of our training in the McAnally Selling System for elective and niche dentistry, you’ll see a newly updated “How to deal with the 12 barriers” presentation as part of the course.   AND all 12 barriers are covered in the check-list system taught for use in your practice.

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