Dental Case acceptance…When it is not a good fit move on !

Dental Case Acceptance

In our dental case acceptance  training we touch on one rule- When it’s not a good fit move on !

What’s a good fit?

Well for a clinician with a high level or morals and clinical skills it is:

When you can deliver an acceptable result that you’ll happily provide for a family member at a fee you are satisfied with and in the manner and time-frame the patient needs.

How many dental marketing companies or dental case acceptance management consultants have ever been this blunt or honest with you?

If it doesn’t meet the criteria, do NOT do it.  You are only asking for trouble and headaches.

Random selling (random dental case acceptance “technique”) leads to many procedures being performed that are not good fits.

Most dentists sell at random. Dumber than Dumb to ignore having a process for this. Thousands of dentists routinely generate headaches that are easily avoidable.

Why not stop all of that ? To help you achieve better dental case acceptance and if you like this review of rules, you’ll love ‘The 39 Key Tenets to Practice Success.’ Step inside a top performing practice and you’ll find most of these 39 things in place.  Step inside a struggling practice and few if any of these things will be present.  Chance?  Hardly.

You might also like to check out Volume 3 which is also found on Amazon. By using these 2 tools you will see a marked improvement in your case acceptance.

For many highly trained clinicians, it was THE first step at unlocking more cases. Member dentists report that application of these principles have led to many multiples of tens of thousands additional returns on current marketing. A pretty big feat for a bit of recycled tree pulp ! If you want to learn more about dental case acceptance, check out our website.