Dental Consultant says beware of…

Dental Consultant

As a dental consultant I urge my clients to be aware of one of the biggest secrets in dentistry that’s hidden in plain sight.

So…..what’s the secret? Well….here it is.

“Stuff” doesn’t sell itself.  Worth repeating….  In fact, almost NOTHING besides those things that fulfill basic of human desires-needs (food, shelter, protection, or sex) sells itself.   In the medical arts, pain relief is what sells itself.

For dentistry I have learned as a dentist myself and as a dental consultant that the “stuff” is disposables, equipment, or advanced techniques learned by CE.

While it would make sense for all of these parties (suppliers, manufacturers, and CE educators) to want to give you any and means possible to actually DO what’s being taught or actually USE what’s being sold, that requires thinking well beyond the immediate sale.   While simple and logical, an advanced concept.  It’s just not a common way of thinking.

Because of all these interests at work, it’s very easy to make some big investments in a lot of things that do not sell themselves and when the patients don’t appear asking for a procedure, it’s akin to a cruel “gotcha” prank.  Not fun.

Those doing the selling, they made their commission or sales goal and could really care less what you do once you leave a course or meeting or after you’ve made the purchase.   They know that everyone forgets and in a few years, it’ll be possible to repeat the entire process again for a substantial part of the provider population.

My advice as a dental consultant  it to think carefully about what you’re investing in.  Will it SELL ITSELF or are there things missing that create want and need from a patient that has a problem who may be interested? To learn more why not check out my #1 top selling book on Amazon.

Hopefully, the last few weeks now have you better prepared for CRITICAL thinking when it comes to what you constantly have coming at you from magazines, meetings, and CE courses.


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