Dental Consultant advice-Getting more out of each day, week, year, life.

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As a dental consultant ,I’m a productivity nut. The bug bit me hard when I had an insurance driven “treadmill” practice and it stuck with me when I had a low volume/excellent productivity/minimal hour practice and it continues in anything I’m involved in now.

We are in an age where it has never been easier to commit to more hours than we have physically or emotionally are capable of doing well.  It pays to get smart about this as I continually remind my dentist members as their dental consultant.

I’m always searching for better ways to get more out of each day and to get more out of life.  Regardless of personal spiritual belief/dogma/doctrine, there’s no guarantee of what great mystery awaits on the other side of life so why not get the most out of what energy you personally have each day in this one?!?

Here’s a short list of what works for me and what I’m continually working on and which applies as advice in my role as dental consultant to others:

*Saying “no” to things that take up time and that don’t fit with my goals, values, priorities or lifestyle.  It is the #1 thing because ultimately it drives everything else.

*Keeping notepads and post-its nearby at all times. I’m constantly adding, deleting, and re-prioritizing “to-do” lists.  There are always 3 or 4 MUSTS and others that are maybes and even things that are nevers.  Not letting stuff that happens next week and next month to take up too much time of my energy for what needs to happen today.

*Every day, I do the most important stuff first. That way, the important things always get done. I never run out of time.  Today it was preparing a series of emails and communication to our doctors.  First thing in the day and it was along slog which means everything after it will be low energy things as my thinking power will be depleted.

*Work fast. Perfection in any matter hardly ever gets a special reward.

*Devoting time to recover mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Some say “wow…must be nice,” or “that’s a luxury.”  Reality is we’re in this for a long time.  In fact, based on economic realities now, you probably have more years than the last couple of generations of retirees, in which you must be healthy and productive. How healthy we stay in these areas helps make the journey a much more pleasant one.

*Enjoying people I work with and come in contact with.  Working hard to divest myself of relationships that aren’t enjoyable.

*Spending ZERO time worrying or caring about what others think about me BUT a lot of awareness on how my personal actions impact others especially when I make commitments.

*Looking for lessons out of my own and others’ personal experience.  Experience is expensive so don’t waste it!

If you want to learn more about how to eliminate what is not necessary and more of my ideas from a dental consultant perspective, check out my book  on Amazon or go to my website here.