A Dental Consultant Who was Never a Dentist???

Dental Consultant

To be a great dental consultant, it is best if the person was a dentist first.

It’s hard to understand what goes on in a dental practice unless you’ve lived it.

It’s one of the unique things we bring to member dentists in all of our Programs.  Nearly a hundred years of direct experience in dentistry in my family and 50 years+ between my COO and I.

Think about it. Do you really want a dental consultant who does not know how to perform all the clinical skills that you do, has not attended all the hours of CE that you have and knows how to correctly market and sell to patients you want to attract.

The McAnally Selling System is a proven ethical selling system that I developed in my years of practice as a clinician. Now as a dental consultant to my program members in my training program, I offer them the tools and the marketing strategies to attract more patients and bigger cases.

My Niche Advertising Ads are ones I created while a dentist with proven results which I now offer to my member dentists for their use as their dental consultant.

Finally they also have the use of my #1 top selling book on Amazon which as a dental consultant I have authored to help other like minded dentists do more of the dentistry they love while help more dentally challenged patients.