Dental Consulting and The 5 Types of Dentists

Dental Consulting and The 5 Types of Dentists

Based on my interactions with more than 1,000 clinicians, I can tell you that the profession breaks out into 5 different types of Dentists. Each one has specific ways of thinking and practicing.

[If you want to understand the 3 Types of Dental Patients, you’ll find it here.  Knowing this one thing will have you rethinking how you present treatment and what qualifying process you use!]

Type 1 “Dr. Ultra Professional, Analytical, A Perfect 10 Fact-Finder”

Cares a lot about what other people think.

Isn’t passionate about marketing or its twin brother selling. “Just let me fix teeth.”

Almost always insurance dependent. Unwilling to learn to market or sell outside that model.

Socially usually tilted towards the uptight side.

Often opinionated and judging.

From a dental consulting viewpoint, while free to make the changes required to get much more from their excellent clinical skills, the vast majority of Type 1 dentists can’t get outside their own self-imposed limitations. A real pity as they have great clinical skills. If you are in this category, if you can delegate strongly to someone on your team who can handle marketing and selling, you have the opportunity to help many more patients!

Type 2 “Casual, Chill, Laid Back”

Flexible office hours.

Willing to meet patients at the office after hours for emergencies.

Contemporary or ”cool” office design.

Wouldn’t dream of wearing a white clinic jacket – too stuffy -although those graduating the McAnally Selling System will do so for the right cases.

Chases “new and shiny,” sometimes to the practice’s detriment.  This is usually because of the lack of a mentor.

From a dental consulting viewpoint, they Type 2 dentist can routinely make the jump to getting a lot more of what they want out of practice with the right mentors around them as they are already equipped with a less narrow view of patients and the profession.  [Did you know you are the sum of the 5 people you interact with and that influence you the most?  How much mentoring are you REALLY getting and is it with the right crowd?

Type 3 “Dr. Worrywart”

Seldom smiles.

Rarely feels happy.

Focuses a lot on how things used to be.

Often fears the future.

May be lazy and even more likely unmotivated.

Sometimes a collector of bad vices or destructive habits.

Has gotten very cheap with what they will invest in as far as maintaining a healthy business.

From a dental consulting viewpoint, the Type 3 dentist often has the least potential for growth and transformation into a Type 5 dentist. In many cases, they would be better off exploring other ways to make a living.

Type 4 “Dr. Blamer/Whiner”

Believes that their town, office, and patients are different and more challenging.

Ingrained view or excuse that someone/others have done them wrong and that it’s someone else’s fault.

Rarely says “Thank You” or expresses gratitude.

From a dental consulting viewpoint, the Type 4 dentist can transform themselves into a Type 5 dentist. However, it usually takes a major life shock to start that process in earnest – an unexpected death of a close family member or a life threatening illness that they personally recover from being two examples.

Type 5 “Dr. Self-Actualizer”

Thinks accurately and realistically.

He or she is accepting and takes full responsibility for his or her practice and life.

Lives the mantra “I am the Problem, I am the Solution” even though they probably never even heard of such a thing.   It’s simply hard-wired into them.

They are calm, self-reliant, and well-balanced.

They realize that clinical success is a combination of clinical skills plus promotion and ethical selling.

Focus on the 20% that’s most important often getting advice on that very thing.

Comfortable in their own skin.

They tend to be resourceful and don’t label things as successes or failures…only results.

They pick their friend/mentors carefully and aren’t swayed by the thoughts and actions of the majority in the profession.

From a dental consulting standpoint, the Type 5 dentist is the one likely to continue to invest in themselves and their team clinically while also addressing promotion (be it internal or external) and developing or acquiring sales processes for their specific practice situation. As a consequence, not only do they get more from practice but they help a lot more patients as a result.  This doctor has invariably at least delegated to someone on the team to read this.

So, which type do you think has the greatest chance of maintaining success and long term happiness in professional practice?

…and which type are you?