Dental Implant Marketing-ClearChoice & Dental Implant Public Seminars–What to Know

Dental Implant Marketing

In dental implant marketing one M.I.A. strategy for many practices looking for implant cases is the public seminar or open house concept.

I’m in the midst of updating the how-to’s of this evergreen strategy for our current Elite Members and future credentialed members who opt for that route in the online McAnally Selling System.

Seminars/open houses ARE worth a test in most locations especially if certain technology components are present in the office.  It’s outside the box thinking for most dentists with the skills to do these cases.

The best news;  What’s not usually needed are full page ads to find patients needing implant services.

I provide all the necessary marketing tools and ads for members looking for dental implant marketing to make them stand out over others in their locale.  Check it out here.

Full page ads are overkill for almost anything we do in dentistry.  My members learn through my niche advertising dental implant marketing system what the optimum ad size is for most major newspapers for solo and 2 doctor practices.

Two more big lessons to learn from “blowing wads” this big on larger full page ads is how teaming up with multiple doctors allows one to buy more and bigger ads and when someone else is spending lots of $$ in a local market and that that someone has a known selling system with serious flaws, one can leverage from all that money being spent and bring consults in already seen by the other practice and take the case for yourself.

It’s this kind of smart thinking in dental implant marketing that creates more cases and dream practices…….what are you waiting for?

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