AAID- discussing dental implant marketing and ethical selling dentistry

Dental Implant Marketing

While discussing dental implant marketing at the AAID Vegas meeting, we also touched on ethical selling dentistry.

AAID Vegas was a great meeting.  When big organizations such as the AAID are putting promotion of dental implant marketing and ethical selling dentistry in front of their members you know that the realities of what’s required to use the advanced training from these symposiums and courses is truly sinking in with more members of the profession. I have been teaching my program members this for years. The old norm of depending on insurance is over for good.

Dentists as business owners have to realize that they have to advertise their clinical expertise in areas like dental implants to make themselves stand out over all the other clinicians doing the same thing.  I provide a niche marketing system which helps with dental implant marketing and other niche components.

It is gratifying that a big organization like the AAID is backing up what I have learned while in practice and which I now teach my members in my McAnally Selling System.

Here’s what the Academy had to say about my presentation on the podium last week.  Click here to see.

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