Dental Implant Marketing-What you can learn from Poland

dental implant marketing

A while back, the ICOI implant chapter in one of Europe’s developing economies asked for my help with changing the thinking of its members for how they need to view  dental implant marketing and promotion of services.  Unless you’re living under a rock in Malaysia, this is YOUR reality too.  Enjoy!

Greetings fellow implant dentistry colleagues and PSI members.  It has been requested that an article related to the “selling” of dental implant treatment and dental implant marketing be submitted to the Journal for your benefit.  The goal of which is to improve your ability to do the business of implant dentistry and to help more patients as a result.

My background and expertise in clinical practice lies in the rehabilitation of patients with dental implants and prosthetics supported by natural teeth and/or dental implants.  My part time practice of more than 17 years was based in Seattle Washington.  However, my writing for your journal is not to discuss clinical dentistry or to present any new clinical information regarding the practice of implant dentistry.  There are far more skilled and qualified clinicians who perform that service adequately.

My expertise for the PSI journal reader lies in the business of dental implant marketing  required to find and successfully treat more of those patients in your practice who require complex implant dentistry and that need your skills the most and in specifying an exact sequent of “selling” steps that help patients decide one way or another whether your services are right for the patient.   Patients such as those missing many teeth with perhaps some remaining teeth unaffected by disease that can be retained, those who require the removal of all their remaining teeth due to disease, and those that have no teeth and are wearing dentures or even no prosthesis.  That expertise is shared with doctors like you through written means, such as your journal.  In the most recent year, the same concepts of case acceptance to be discussed allowed 26 full mouth implant cases to be treated in my part time practice with fees ranging from $15K to $98K USD.  These patients were brought to the practice via direct to the public messages discussing what’s possible with current dental technology and the correct dental implant marketing tools.

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “What advice can this American give on how to have a better business in this respect in Poland from 8,000 kilometers away?!?”  Fortunately, there is universally good news that allays this concern specifically related to the process needed to obtain patients who want the treatment you can provide and financially bear the expense, regardless of whether you are in Warsaw, Paris, or London.  Just as clinical procedures can be universally learned and taught at a seminar, conference or university and successfully applied by a dentist thousands of kilometers from the source of the information, the principles of marketing and a “sales process” can also be universally dispensed from one location half way around the globe and then translated, incorporated and modified for the local environment to achieve the exact same business result.

On a larger scale, it is this same reason that companies such as BMW, Louis Vuitton, and Starbucks can apply the principles and rules of their industry successfully throughout the world.  It is this phenomenon that allows dentists who are Members of our consulting Programs  from different regions of the U.S., Australia, UK, and Canada to all find similar success when applying the same principles in their specific locations for dental implant marketing.

As the reader is likely aware, finding patients with severe dental problems in the general population is not a difficult task.  What is most difficult is finding the patient who not only has these problems but who also has the financial means and desire to pursue and purchase complex rehabilitative dental care which you are skilled at performing.  This task is a universal challenge for the vast majority of dentists with advanced skills and abilities regardless of their location.

Why is this the case?  Primarily, because, in developed or developing countries, the purchase of full mouth care involving dental reconstructions and implants can be the equivalent of several years of salary for the patient.  Thus, financially, optimal dentistry is an unlikely choice and often times an impossible choice for the majority of the population that has the problem regardless of your practice location.  Many implant dentists are frustrated since they have the skills, training and desire to help these patients yet have difficulties making this happen routinely in their practice because of the difficulty of finding the patient who can go forward with treatment.  Rest, assured, this phenomenon is universal. Click here to learn more about how to protect your investment in advanced skills.

Why seek to treat as many of these patients as possible?  Outside of the obvious financial rewards to the dentist, the patient with serious problems requiring such treatment will be the most appreciative of the doctor’s technical abilities of any patient one will treat and this type of patient has the greatest chance of a major life transformation by regaining their ability to eat, speak, socialize and conduct life and business in a renewed manner.  In addition, it is not to be undervalued those other members of society who surround this individual patient and the impact this same renewal will have on their lives.   Regardless of whether they are family or business colleagues all of these parties are affected by the renewal and restoration of this patient.  There can be no higher calling of our abilities as dentists then to pursue the treatment of this individual due to the greater good that result.

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