Dental Implant Marketing and How to achieve category killer status in implants and all-on-4

dental implant marketing

In dental implant marketing category killers in dentistry are procedures or combinations of procedures that when marketed and sold correctly eliminate most competitors and remove pricing constraints on a procedure that when performed generically is commoditized.  While others doing similar (but poorly marketed and sold) or lesser (generic) procedures find themselves in brutal pricing wars, stuck in circumstances where fees are difficult to get much less raise on an annual basis, those utilizing category killing strategies (both in dental implant marketing and selling) have the freedom to price these procedures based on their care, skill, and judgment, and invariably demand and get 50-200% more for their procedures while having happier patients.

We’ve been teaching this concept of the “category killer” since the mid-2000s being the first in dentistry to apply this term to the business of dentistry and to dispense dental implant marketing ads and training in accomplishing such.

For doctors who want to dominate a particular specialized procedure in their local area, understanding the concept  and then implementing strategies that create a local category killer advantages is not only possible but highly desirable considering today’s economic reality.

This week, the category killer topic is dental implants and marketing.

First, here are the implant procedures that are difficult to create category killing advantages for:

*Single and a few missing teeth implants
*Over-dentures, and small diameter/mini-implants.  While “mini’s” can be bundled with other services in ways that create some advantages, they simply do not have the power to be true category killers.

Here are the implant procedures for which category killing advantages can be created:

*Services or combination of services that deliver speed and that predictably deliver fixed teeth the same day the implants are surgically placed (All-On-X and TIAH) are the best examples

Fees for “category killer” dental implant procedures range from $17K-$50K when these services are sold via the ethical, check-list selling system taught by us. FYI – the same selling system applies to all niche services in the generalist or specialist office (including full fee general services).

As an aside, when one becomes a true “category killer” in a specific niche, there is also a “spillover” of other cases both in HIGHER and lower fees simply due to these practices being seen as ‘the go to’ practices and best local expert.   Thus, those choosing to develop a category killing advantage have multiple layers of benefits beyond simply the procedure being marketed the most.

Who can have this advantage? This category killing advantage can be created by an implantologist, by an oral surgeon-prosthodontic team, by a prosthodontist, by a prosthodontist-oral surgeon team, by an oral surgeon-multi-practice GP referral base, or by a GP directing the oral surgeon team.  It’s the MOST wide open for types of practices that can choose to enter and be the category killer in their market.

It should be pointed out that simply attending training in any of these modalities or buying the manufacturers promotional materials does nothing to create real advantages – regardless of the promises made to get your tuition for training.

What’s involved?  Category killing ALWAYS requires the use of mass media (invariably some combination of radio, newsprint, websites, infomercials, and maybe even network TV) PLUS dedicated sales training for the doctor and team.  If you have the clinical training or are in the process of getting it, and fully embrace that prior sentence, then you likely have what it takes to acquire category killer advantages in your market area should you wish such.

Ready to get and keep a category killing advantage in full mouth implant cases and/or the all-on-4 procedure?  If you compete in the dental implant category and have enough relevant clinical training in these advanced clinical concepts- we can help you ! We give you the tools to apply the dental implant marketing that you need to rise above the competition. Learn more on my website.

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