Dental Implant Practice Hiring

How is your dental implant practice hiring going?

Hiring is THE implant business topic of 2022.  Whether its associates, assistants, or basic admin, hygienists, finding staff is a challenge.  If we are seeking highly specialized sales staff with direct to patient sales experiences the level of difficult is many multiples of difficulty beyond basic staff.

As a sign of the reality of what’s happening on the ground, almost all of those dentists hiring report significant challenges in filling the vacancies.  While finding staffing is a challenge or impossible, on the demand side, interest remains very strong with patients looking to go back to the dentists or to fix long standing problems addressed by dental implants. 

The Dental Staffing Crisis

The most recent ADA data indicates that 94% of patients do not have reservations about visiting the dentist. Considering what’s transpired since March of 2020, that number is astounding and a positive sign for those dentists who can move past dental implant practice hiring issues and on to teams ready to engage patients.

Here’s what Forbes has to say about the dental staffing shortage.


Dental economics.


ADA NewsMay 2021: 70% of owner dentists saying recruitment of administrative staff was extremely or very challenging 

What about implant practice owners?  What’s the situation in these ultra-specialize practices?

Well, our 2022 survey of 2,000 implant focused practice owners had 90% responding YES to the following question:

“Is staffing (lack of, quality of, difficult in obtaining) preventing you from harvesting current business opportunities OR preventing you from investing in new advertising?”

Economically, the inability to find and hire specialized sales team members, a critical staff component for success when focusing on the full arch implant case niche, is limiting the everyday case flow from existing advertising for most providers.

Other Contributing Factors

To make matters worse, this same limitation (lack of staffing/inability to hire qualified new staff specific to sales skills) is also directly preventing those with strong cash flows, ready to launch ambitious new advertising to increase their monthly case counts, from moving to launch their new advertising. 

Their thinking is:

“If I can’t service the demand from new advertising with existing staff already overwhelmed doing their regular basic work, if I can’t competently handle 50-100 in bound sales phone calls from prospects nor manage the time intensive phone discussions and qualifying conversations, I can’t even consider investing in new advertising. I’m ready to go but I simply don’t have the staff!”

Unfortunately, when you read the industry publications on this issue, you will quickly notice there is no short- or medium-term answer to any of these local hiring issues.  However, there is now a national solution for U.S. and Canadian based implant practices to circumvent all local hiring issues and quickly move on to new advertising and new case flow irrespective of local staffing and hiring problems.

The Big Case Marketing Solution

Big Case Marketing – proven specialty dental implant advertising plus a Remote Sales Team assigned to your practice to service your prospects and sell consults and cases for you.

Big Case Marketing is the first and only specialty dental implant advertising agency now providing fully trained and monitored remote sales team members on a national basis for their advertising clients in the U.S. and Canada.  Implant practice owners unable to locate and hire competent sales staff in their locations can now rely on Big Case’s Remote Sales Team to pursue new cases via new advertising regardless of local hiring limitations. 

No local staff or interest in your local sales positions?  No problem!  Our Remote Sales Team is ready to go to work for your practice.   

Remote Sales Team Benefits

Big Case’s Remote Sales Team members are assigned to your practice and are seen as local members of your team by patients contact you from our proven advertising.  They are college educated, speak perfect English, are polite and considerate, and are technology literate.  The m ost important part of course is that each one is trained in our sales processes for closing consults, screening patients before visits, and in closing cases into treatment.  They are also monitored by our trainers; they literally have the highest sales credentials in the profession. 

They handle in-bound phone sales and lead follow-up to close calls to consults and manages sales process from start to finish. 

The Remote Sales Team program GUARANTEES that spouses, significant others, or other financial support persons are always in attendance at every full arch implant case presentation to remove one key barrier to case sales.  Never again, will you hear the phrase, “I have to go talk it over with so and so” during a case presentation as our sales team ensures these important second financial decider is at each case presentation!

The Professional Sales Difference: Doctors Focus More on Clinical Care

Name any important aspect of sales process for the full arch implant case and our Remote Sales Team Concierges address it as part of ensuring predictable sales results.  Remote Sales Teams also translate into maximizing return on advertising dollars spent and total number of patients saying yes to full arch care.  Doctors leveraging the Remote Sales Team service can focus more on making their best diagnoses, treatment plans, and then delivering ideal treatment to help patients the best way possible.  They eliminate hours of time and frustration in finding or training a local sales team in an impossible hiring market. 

Let our Remote Sales Team focus on closing your new cases into treatment each month while you focus on the complexities of treatment while delivering excellent clinical results.

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