Dental Marketing Ideas-Elegant Marketing Is Dope

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One of my key dental marketing ideas is that keeping it simple and elegant gets the job done and the patient more likely to accept your case presentation every time.

Elegant is an under-used word and operational mindset in today’s world.

-Here’s one of the official definitions:

-Displaying effortless beauty and simplicity in movement or execution

-Refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style

-Simple and precise

The urban dictionary would throw in…. ‘Without being trashy or common….’

I believe that systems of every kind need to be as elegant as possible. Documenting them and retraining them are the ways to make the elegance really show to the public and your patients. It is a simple dental marketing idea but a proven one and makes sense once applied.

It also means stripping out unnecessary products, services, procedures, furnishings, décor, scripts, policies, etc. that aren’t part of that operating philosophy.

I find that far too many in practice are overwhelmed by the practice monster that they’ve created:
• Out of control overhead and/or unbalanced fee structure
• Too much staff
• Complex business models
• Complicated pricing/fee structures

Provide your patients with a calm, consistent, and pleasurable experience in an uncluttered and clean office, simplify the delivery of your service, focused face to face time, sell to the fees you are worth, achieve results in the shortest amount of time possible, and last but not least, and give patients what they want.

It’s the right thing to do, it builds practices that are balanced for the doctor and team in every respect.

Apply these simple dental marketing ideas and you are a winner.  Do you want to learn more ?  Check out my new book on Amazon. It will give you more ideas and help you win out over your competition.

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