Dental Marketing Ideas-The E-Myth Dentist: A Must Read

dental marketing ideas

When discussing dental marketing ideas with my program members, sometimes they ask, “what was one of the books that got you started working on marketing and case acceptance systems for your private practice and gave you dental marketing ideas—which ultimately led to the creation of an international consulting business.”

Way up there is…..The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.  Michael and I have had discussions about he and I teaming  up to write “The E-Myth Dentist” but for various reasons that project is still on hold.

For those stuck in the dental insurance trap, understanding the concepts in e-myth are incredible important.  Your only way out of that situation is to scale your services and become “chain-like” or have several associates running in a high efficiency model.  You’ll also need to hire a great manager because most dentists are HORRIBLE managers. High efficiency doesn’t work without great managers overseeing the systems.  [We’re one of the few high-end consulting businesses that can hold your hand with actually setting up your associates correctly.] Check it out here on my website.

Anyway…..if you are stuck in the insurance trap, your time is ticking and you don’t have time to wait around for me or another D.D.S. to team up with Michael and get the E-Myth Dentist written.  So, get the original and insert the word dentist at every corner to get started on your dental marketing ideas.  [BTW:  E-myth physician isn’t as good as the original E-myth. It’s OK but again the original is the real deal.]

In your practice,  you serve as entrepreneur, manager, and technician.  Every small business has some variation of those 3 components in place.  When you look at any non-insurance based, high profit dental practice, doing great cases, you’ll find the doctor having a good balance between the three roles OR hiring an area that he knows he doesn’t excel at.  OR outside of hiring systems take on that aspect.

No systems and inadequate skills in any category = recipe for disaster and for a situation where the owner really shouldn’t be the owner of the business.  In the old dental economy, you could get away with that and lots in the profession did.  There was enough “slop” in reimbursement and enough middle class individuals running around buying dentistry that everyone (except the absolute worst of the worst) in the profession could get away with it.

Dental Marketing Ideas 101 takeaway-No systems or no skills in the 3 categories = nothing works or works all that well.

I you haven’t read “The E-Myth” or if it’s been a long time, find a copy or download it.  …..especially if you are having a hard being the Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician and doing those things well.

Or to fast track and get started immediately check out my #1 top selling book on dental marketing ideas which is found on Amazon.