Dental Marketing Ideas-Movie Sets & Dental Practices

dental marketing ideas

In my dental marketing ideas series lets talk about…..


A few days ago, I took one of my customary bike rides around my island paradise.  Lots of movie sets come and go here in Miami and this photo is of a bunch of workers from a production company wheeling stuff towards the beach to set-up a scene.

That got me thinking that in dental marketing ideas and promotions of yourself-

Your practice is just like a movie set—both the physical environment and the patient experience.

In fact, the same day I took this bike ride, I went to be a new patient in a dental practice convenient to my new home and here’s what the doc’s “set” looked like.

*Nothing received from the practice that made it “special” compared to anyone else.

*Via phone interactions, it was clear that no phone training is happening or ever happened in the practice.

*The exterior signage was crap.

*Reception area with outdated furniture.

*Artwork outdated and faded.

*All the nooks and crannies of waiting room and operatories stuffed with worthless manufacturer “marketing” brochures.

*Receptionist making multiple personal calls in front of patients.

*Exam appointment running late for 25 minutes before anyone said “boo.”  Nothing about staff interaction made me feel special.

*No exam “sizzle” = no different than that guy/gal in the next block.

*No perio probing by doc or hygienist.

*Painful and rushed hygiene visit.

*Cheap floss that could barely pass through contacts without shredding itself or the patient’s tender loving tissue.

*Absence of referral system.

The take home in this dental marketing ideas series is if you aren’t thinking like this, you should be.  Why?  Those whose “set” is Oscar quality sell at higher fees and are weathering the unstable economy in better shape.

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