Dental Marketing Ideas-Decrease the Data You Give Your Patients

dental Marketing ideas

In the dental marketing ideas series I advise my program members to keep everything simple in case presentation and decrease the data you give the patients.

Here is why-Every 18 months for the last decade, the world has doubled the data it pushes to you.

Twice as much email, twice as many friend requests, twice as many sites to check, twice as many devices.

That’s what’s going on in your patient’s world. It’s becoming more difficult to insert yourself into their conversations without a clear focused message.  Are you doing such?

Their world is growing complex.  Those who simplify are leaving those who become commodities in the economic dust.  When’s the last time you recorded a new patient exam or case presentation and look at whether your created complexity or relieved it. Keeping it simple prevents patient frustration if they don’t understand what you are explaining.

Everyday dentists and teams let bombs (barriers to good patient decision making) blow up their treatment recommendations.  The sad part is everyone sees and knows the same bombs are going to appear again and again but few do anything to diffuse them or to get out of the way and stop the damage.

Here is a dental marketing ideas analogy- I hate war analogies so here’s another one….

Imagine you’re participating in a team sport and you know what the opposing team is going to do ahead of when they even do it.   I’m sure you can imagine how much easier it would be if you knew what play was to be called, where the puck was going next, whether she was going to spike the ball, or what kind of pitch was going to be thrown.  After a while you’d get bored with winning!

Now, in essence, you already know exactly what issues patients are going to raise or have when it comes to considering dental treatment be it simple or complex.  There are only so many pitches that can come down the plate. You’ve probably seen most if not all of them again and again and….

If you think about it that list of potential plays is pretty short.

In my 26 years in the profession, my list of barriers that routinely impact patient decision making has never grown larger than 10. While it’s unfair to our paying clients to give away the list of ten, it should be obvious to you that things like time, money, spouses, fear, and choices all are being thought of as part of any recommendations you make.

There’s a reason that the 5% with the most success at doing cases have that success and a least part of it is because they realize these barriers/bombs/potential plays exist and have done things to address them as part of selling. They have kept it simple, taken my dental marketing ideas and strategies and run with them.