Dental Marketing Ideas-Harvard, Yale, Stanford and The McAnally Selling System

dental marketing ideas

I have developed my dental marketing ideas based on a proven behavioral science as taught by Harvard, Yale and many other well known institutions.

Ellen Langer, Ph.D. was featured in the NYT last weekend. It is nice to see a researcher whose work has been directly pulled into the selling system that I teach validated on such a large scale. My new and improved McAnally Selling System teaches how to improve case acceptance by learning how to ethically sell.

I’ve been looking at Dr. Langer’s studies now for two decades!  She’s been thinking outside the box for a very long time and I’m the only person in dentistry bringing what she’s learned into direct patient care. Using my carefully developed dental marketing ideas helps increase the volume of case acceptance by patients and even helps the patient chose a better and most expensive option of treatment.

Besides Yale, a few other “better known” institutions upon which studies have been referenced to build this newest version of the selling system include: Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Arizona State, and Ben Gurion University.  The latter two behavioral science powerhouses.

One doctor who went through the training many years ago has told me he can’t believe it could be improved but alas he was wrong.  Another brand new doctor to the selling system says our fees are too low! If you want to know more about my dental marketing ideas, check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.