Dental Marketing Ideas-The best questions are…..

McAnally Selling Rule #11 in dental marketing ideas  – Dumb questions are the best questions.

Getting a patient to ask questions is always better than blathering at a patient until their ears turn blue!

Remember, EVERYONE but another dentist is a layperson.

I advise my clients who have patients with larger needs to have a check-list they follow so they can ask the right questions that stimulate patients to ask you the dumbest questions possible which then in turn gives you the opportunity to lead them higher ground with the great stuff dentistry can do for them?

And…another simple dental marketing idea……………
Why not have systematized patient information that allows the patient to start writing down questions even before they are live an in person with you?  Once again…it takes the right questions in these documents to get the patient thinking about what is important to them to ask of you and leads everyone to higher case acceptance. Some of these dental marketing ideas can be found in my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

If either of these are left up to chance, neither you nor the patient really gets what either party wants.  As you are the professional, it’s your job to fix what’s broken. The McAnally Selling System is about giving you the right questions to ask that will get patients talking and asking in ways that allow you and your team to help them.  Everybody wins.