Dental Marketing Strategies…why BMWs and iPHONES sell themselves

Why our dental marketing strategies should emulate large company marketing such as BMW or Apple.

Chances are a dentist you know (perhaps yourself) owns a BMW.  Most certainly someone in your office owns an iPhone. Ask owners of these devices to name why they’ve bought one (or more) over the years and at or near the top of the list of reason you’ll invariably find that FUN is something many associate with playing with (phone) or driving (car).

Products that find a sweet spot with filling a human need and desire practically sell themselves with little need for a high level of skill from the front end employee’s taking the orders. While the front end sales process may seem random (and even sloppy!) you can however be guaranteed that behind the scenes back at corporate, people are paying a lot of attention to steps that matter in selling.

With these two examples, also paying enormous amounts of attention to selling context (physical environment). These products fly off the shelf and speed out of the showroom in good times and lousy times.  What doesn’t is dentistry which can be as life enhancing as either product? But by using dental marketing strategies in your practice all that could change.

Well, in a nutshell it’s because what the consumer gets from you is not fun (in fact from most dentists some pain is still involved). We could spend a day naming goods and services that are more fun to purchase than what you do each day.  Plenty of these items would be as “expensive” or even more so than your dentistry.

This “dentistry is not fun” problem puts every dentist at a serious disadvantage in selling over everything that brings pleasure or fun.  The ONLY REAL solution is to address selling as part of your practice’s promotion efforts and practice strategies in selling.  Less than 5% choose to do so and yet they are the ones who routinely fare the best. Those 5% started by learning some tips in my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

What about you?  Will you continue as you have been with no method of selling.  Or will you finally allow yourself and your team to do an improved job so that more patients get help? All it takes for the latter is a moderate level of seriousness and adaptation of materials ready for your use.

If you’re tired of losing to BMW and to Apple, The McAnally Selling System is ready for you.