Dental Marketing Strategies – The Annual Marketing Calendar Review

Dental Marketing Strategies

Dentists should be thinking about their dental marketing strategies and their annual review at the end of each year.

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Since the holidays are fast approaching, this month’s blogs are meant to instill better understanding that in addition to the holidays most of your business rises and ebbs annually based on a regional or local economic cycle.  Annual planning which pulls together information from this year’s results so you can improve on next year’s  dental marketing strategies and activities make life and practice more enjoyable by removing more uncertainty.

One annual task that is a “no-brainer” in my dental marketing strategies is to perform a review of all the marketing undertaken in the past year, what was spent on different strategies, and look at how many patients and cases (including treatment plan amounts) came from the various sources.  Even if you are doing only general dentistry, this exercise is important as it allows one to be objective about what you will do or change for the coming year and how your limited marketing dollars will be spent.

If you market niche procedures, this exercise is even more important since every niche marketed typically requires 4-6 ongoing dental marketing strategies to supply enough cases.  If you’re marketing 2 niches plus a general practice and you are not doing an annual marketing calendar review and plan for the coming year, then there is little doubt that you are missing something that either reduces costs or delivers more cases.

If you haven’t done this exercise, there is still time! Also visit my website here.