What is Your Most Valuable Asset in Dental Marketing Strategies

dental practice marketing

When it comes to dental marketing strategies and how to improve your bottom line, what is your most valuable asset ?

Dental business owners are no different than any other small business owner; they usually don’t know what their most valuable asset is…

Some think it’s the equity in their home, or investments, or savings account. If you guessed your business or dental license, you’d be a bit closer.

Hands down, if treated with care, your most valuable asset is your list of prospects and active patients.

While applying dental marketing strategies, more money has been generated from your patient list than anything else that you “own.”

The problem is, if not cared for properly, like fine art, the value of your patient list is perishable, diminishing over time.

The Direct Marketing Association did a study and found that after a year of ignoring a patient they become as valuable as a stranger randomly chosen out of the white pages of a phone directory.

In other words, they completely lose their value.

When was the last time as part of your dental marketing strategies you sent something in the mail to your patient base or prospects? Do you know what to send? In this day it’s possible to send full color 4 page promos to households around your practice for 44 cents. What’s your excuse for not doing so? (By the way, the 44 cent item is something we do for our members around their practices and is part of their dental marketing strategies portfolio).

There’s a saying in restaurants, “The difference between salad and garbage is timing.”

When you apply this to truism to your business, you never know the exact moment someone will become your patient or decide it’s time to do the dentistry. Patients decide mostly on their schedule when the
salad gets made, not yours.

Doesn’t it make sense to increase the number of times they are thinking of you OR even start with making sure some who don’t know you might think about you? You can start by reading my book found on Amazon.

There IS no better way to attract patients, keep patients, and stimulate referrals. Think about it….and when you are ready go to my website for me info.