How to achieve category killer status in dental ortho marketing

dental ortho marketing

In dental ortho marketing you can be a category killer in your specialized dentistry.

Category killers in dentistry are procedures or combinations of procedures that when marketed and sold correctly eliminate most competitors and remove pricing constraints on a procedure that when performed generically is highly commoditized.

While others, doing the exact same procedures (but poorly marketed and sold) OR performing generic/unbranded/unnamed procedures, find themselves in brutal pricing wars, stuck in circumstances where fees are difficult to get–much less raise, those utilizing category killing strategies (in marketing and selling in dental ortho marketing ) have the freedom to price these procedures based on their care, skill, and judgment.

Those staking out category killing advantages routinely demand and get 50-200% more for their procedures while having happier patients who appreciate the service even more.  What’s not to love about creating category killing advantages in the treatment niche you enjoy the most?

I’ve been teaching this concept of the “category killer” since the mid-2000s, being the first in the profession to apply the term to the practice of dentistry and to teach it and dispense ads, protocols, and case acceptance (sales) training for accomplishing it.

For doctors who want to dominate a particular specialized procedure in their local area, understanding the concept (even from only these blogs) and then implementing strategies to create local category killing advantages is not only possible but extremely desirable in today’s economic reality. Look at the highest performing practices helmed by dentists truly enjoying their work and you’ll find some variation of this theme at work.  This concept even opens up a new door called the “why retire ever” door when you can keep doing something you love for as long as you wish to do so.

In orthodontics, here are the procedures that are not amendable to the creation of category killing advantages and not suitable for dental ortho marketing:

*traditional ortho that most orthodontists do

*“invisible” braces.  Invisalign and other “invisible” products can be bundled to create some advantages but as an a-la-carte procedure there’s no advantage

Procedures that deliver speed (Fast Ortho, Six Month Smiles, Wilckodontics) allow distinct, category killing advantages to be created and allow for good dental ortho marketing.  It is in what they are NOT, in which the power lies.   [It should be pointed out that simply attending a training in any of these modalities or buying the training center’s promotional materials does nothing to create real advantages.  They are clinical teachers PERIOD.]

Fee’s for “category killer” based ortho range from $5K-$25K when these services are sold via a real sequential sales process.

For many, the best place to start with any major decision related to stepping up to a higher operational level in the practice is with the Dentist’s Unfair Advantage Volume 2 – an category killer unto itself.  Like it or not, a systematized approach to selling is a prerequisite for any modicum of real success in the licensed professions (including dentistry). If you want to learn more about how to make yourself stand out above the rest go here.