Dental Practice Advice-it’s lonely at the top of even the smallest mountain.

Independent dentist

In my dental practice advice series lets discuss how it can be lonely at the top.

It’s lonely being in charge.

It’s not uncommon for dentists and other small business owners as independent dentists to feel lonely in their business venture.

I used to feel just like that until I cleared up my thinking on this and took my own dental practice advice which I now share with other dentist members of my program.

One reason a fair number of dentists attend seminars and study clubs is simply to have social time to talk it out with others in the same boat as an independent dentist.

For years, without even realizing it, there was a component of this in my attendance at meetings, symposiums, etc.

Now I give my dental practice advice and let my program members know that once you discover that EVERYBODY out there feels insecure at times, that there are things that build or diminish confidence, has messes to clean up, and is always dealing with challenges, it’s easier to regain a sense of calmness as an independent dentist.  It also goes a long way in making you realize and appreciate what you’ve created.  It can also get you a bit closer to perhaps business “nirvana” in fully realizing that whatever has happened to you is “okay” and normal.

From years of direct insider knowledge, here’s the truth.  Even the independent dentists who own the most successful practices, many of which are running stealth and will never be seen on the cover of DE, a trade journal, or a supply house sales piece, are dealing with “stuff.”

No one is immune.

You are not the first one nor the last…

It’s normal and simply part of it.

Many people run around projecting a “highlight reel” to the world wanting others to believe the highlights are their daily realities.  While that helps sell at the box office, you now know better.  Use that knowledge- It’s lonely being in charge.

Use that knowledge and dental practice advice for your personal peace of mind….Why not join my program members, most of whom are independent dentists and be with like minded professionals here, or check out my #1 top selling book on Amazon for more dental practice advice.