Dental Practice Advice-What is your story ?

Dental Practice Advice

In the dental practice advice series, I ask my program members…..What is your story ?

Good news. The election is over. BIG lesson from both campaigns is STORY.

Obama acknowledged early on that they had done a poor job of communicating the story of the things they did right. Romney was able to tailor his story to match the different phases of his campaign but didn’t land on the right story until it was too late.

Bad news. The election was a distraction from the fact that the old middle class economy is over. You’re stuck with the changed world and economy as it now stands.

Dentist’s “bread and butter” has always been a growing middle class in size and average income. That ONE thing provided a very long run for easy success at fixing teeth. And….that’s the OLD (dead) economy….now I offer dental practice advice to members that they need to rise above their competitors by being different and have a different story to all the other dentists around, creating a unique reason why the patient should choose you over others.

Here are the reasons why the old  model has exited like Elvis:

*The Middle skill – high wage job period in the U.S. is 100% over. It’s not coming back. Millions that would have been great dental patients are unlikely to be regular practice visitors. Without owning the business, it is middle skill – low wage or barely making it wage and low skill – poverty wage employment.

*Manufacturing and production per hour levels have NEVER been sunnier. Production per hour per worker keeps setting all time highs. It’s being done with a fraction of the employee’s that it used to take. Commoditization of labor courtesy of the microchip is in full force. “We’re in the money” is the most popular corporate theme song these days.

*The three biggest one time waves of economic force to hit the U.S. are spent. Women into the work force. Done. Post- WWII baby boomers into the work force. Really Done. Real estate asset boom – bust. Done.

Did I mention that fluoride works amazingly well?!?! Generations of patients don’t need expensive dentistry.

Perhaps some amazing medical or energy technology breakthrough will suddenly propel us to return to the old growth and expansion pattern. Are you willing to bet your future on THAT? are wondering what dental practice advice I can give  you to overcome the old norm…… and what can you do besides be a 100% pain-free, reasonably proficient clinician who actually listens to your patients? (those three things, VERY important)

Well…for starters if you market, do it a lot smarter. If you don’t market, it’s time to become an expert at this. For those who’ve never marketed, here’s a little tip, you are NOT the do’er of the marketing but you must be a darn good knower. It’s not rocket science. Check out my website to get started on how to market yourself correctly.

Example: We’ve just released our exclusive general practice – big case direct mail piece for our online Elite Program that anyone within a few minutes of reading the 2 page guide can understand how to use effectively BUT you have to read guide.

Don’t be ignorant of human behavior. Learn to ethically sell your services at fees that don’t involve discounting otherwise take a sharpie right now and write the world “K-Mart” above your desk because that’s your destination. The only way to keep your skills up and facility and technology at always rising standards is to sell so that you never fall into the death by discount spiral where all of those things become “unaffordable.”

Ultimately, the non-clinical things required right now are ALL a part of the personal responsibility economy that you are very fortunate to participate in. Many don’t have your choices! Your first move could be as simple as buying my new #1 top selling book on Amazon.

It is full of dental practice advice to get you going.