10 Things Every Dentist Needs to Know and Understand in Dental Practice Advice

Ethical Selling Dentistry

In my dental practice advice series I ask my new program members-

How many of these do YOU understand?

1. Maintenance Care and Prevention is and will always be a hard sell. Most people don’t like going to the dentist.

2. Give patients what they want. If it’s way outside accepted norms, have them sign-off on such.

3. Even if you get great results, if patients don’t like the experience (i.e. you, your facility, your team), they won’t come back or tell others. They’ll say, “I had a great result but I don’t recommend going there.”

4. If you don’t look and act like a “doctor”, they won’t treat you like one. Wearing a white clinic jacket over business attire boosts patient compliance and affects your ability to sell.

5. Not having enough “sizzle” with your exam method reduces your credibility.

6. You’ll increase the lifetime value of every patient if you do not harp on things patients don’t want to hear.

7. Your practice name, website and business card can repel patients.

8. McAnally Selling System and the Master Dentists Academy are not about consulting. We provide dental practice advice and an educational program in how to ethically sell outside insurance and ready to use ads and training in how to adapt advertising to changing conditions. Check out my website here.

9. You have a greater chance of succeeding by doing the opposite of what most dentists do and of what most consultants working inside insurance driven practices tell you to do. My dental practice advice which I learned the hard way is think outside the box.  Stop following the herd.

10. Working “on” your practice is more important than “in” your practice-hands down!

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