Dental Practice Advice-Accurate Thinking of Dentists. Only 5% Get It.

Dental practice advice

When I share some dental practice advice one of the topics that comes up regularly is the subject of time.

We’re all in a battle to create time to think, to do work that fulfills us, and to have time for the myriad other things too (e.g. family, hobbies, etc.). During my waking hours, no matter what I’m working on  I do my best to think accurately and to not let natural biases interfere with focus or actual doing.

Look at the profession as a whole and we’re lucky if even a majority is being accurate in their clinical thinking.  Once we move past the clinically and look at things that are just (or even more!) important, accurate thinking drops to less than 10%.

In dental practice advice terms-what do I mean by “accurate” thinking?

Well, if I answer “yes” to any of the following, it means I’m off track in my thinking and have very likely left the realm of “accurate.”

Subsequently, I do everything I can to change course.

“Yes” reminds me that I’m thinking inaccurately about the person, opportunity, or the situation.

#1:  Is a knee-jerk reaction, point of view, or feeling a result of me blaming others?

#2:  Am I worrying about what could happen or what others might think? (this is a big one for me AND FOR NEARLY 100% of practicing dentists based on thousands of surveys and discussions)

#3:  Am I thinking this way because I’ve always thought or felt this way?

If I get a yes to any of the above, it’s time to sit and think before taking a decision.  I am far better at this than 15 years ago.

So, doc, just how accurate is YOUR thinking today as you work in your practice? To set you on a course to helping more patients and at the same time increasing your bottom line, you will find some interesting tips in my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

P.S.  We work the 5% of the profession that truly and deeply cares about doing the best dentistry possible and in helping the most patients.  Yes, that means the 95% are not really that devoted. Zero. It is what it is.

The five “percenters” range from being 100% fee for service to 100% insurance based and they both GPs and specialists.  THE common denominator is a commitment to professional and ethical selling attached to marketing that matters.  As it turns out, accurate thinking and happiness routinely result as part of those efforts. To learn more about my ethical selling and big case marketing go here.

P.S. 2  One other thing that’s made a big difference in accurate thinking regarding everything around me both business and pleasure related is being more accepting AND nicer to myself and others.

P.S. 3 I’ve spent some time with Richard Branson the knight and billionaire.  Anything you can find on this guy is worth a read.