Frank Spear, LD Pankey, John Kois, Pete Dawson, LVI, and Dental Practice Advice on Dentition Reality

Dental Practice Advice

In my dental practice advice series, from time to time, things from some of our best clinical post-graduate educators catches my eye like this ad from Dr. Frank Spear.

Kudos always go to these folks for providing a wealth of clinical information that puts their attendees on a different playing field at least in a THEORETICAL sort of way. [By the way, on this kind of subject matter in dental practice advice (occlusion that drives most treatment decisions and helps manage health/risk, attempting to piece it together from a whole bunch of 2nd tier experts is not recommended…..go to one of these reputable educators).

Kudos to Frank for realizing that education is headed down the distance path very quickly. The number of reasons to get on a big plane are fortunately shrinking with each passing year.

Now….back to what’s not right about this proposition. The flub here is saying that magically you’ll “earn” more because you “learned” or some variation on that theme. (I’ve heard Dr. Kois tell his attendees a disclaimer about his courses delivering $$……kudos for that kind of honesty).

But….no disclaimer here. In fact, big promise. Bravo to them for using that message as they certainly understand some fundamentals about a lot of us in the profession. No kudos to anyone signing on who doesn’t have a grasp on what reality is related to selling occlusal based services.

Here’s the reality, as soon as one leaves anything that is emergent or one or two tooth treatment based insurance dollars, it is not simply “learn and then earn.”

Things like worn dentition and occlusal disease often times have a minimal next step of several thousand dollars for some device that takes considerable skill to deliver after astute diagnostics. And then definitive treatment can be $40K, $50K, $60K…..etc. There’s NO WAY to have the “snowball’s chance in you know where” to do those kinds of cases without approaching promotion and selling very differently than 95% of the profession. Thus, to get the little “sold” sign on the case….you need much much much more than this DVD or an entire Spear-Pankey-Kois-LVI-Dawson program. That is where my selling system comes in and where my members have taken my dental practice advice.

By the way, we’re one up on Frank, our version of digital learning, isn’t a DVD, it’s immediately available as soon as you sign on for our online training in ethical, behavioral based selling (the McAnally Selling System.)

Here’s what Dr. Abbott (began using the System in last 2010….in a very post-housing bust, broken consumer world) had to say from Phoenix recently: “Just wanted to let you know that October was our best month ever in my practice. This month we have already beat that and are scheduled to do $30,000 in the last next few days. Thanks!” In his case, heavily insurance based practice but selling more effectively and ethically as he diversifies for success in the new reality that all dentists live under…..

Oh yeah…..if you plug into ethical selling, you really will earn more while you learn. In fact, it’s something I put into writing as a guarantee. No clinical CE educator does that….no one……

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