Patient Reviews Increasingly Important-Dental Practice Advice

dental practice advice

In my dental practice advice series I cannot stress how important positive online reviews are to your practice and success.

Do you know how patients are selecting services and providers–even vetting those doing the most complex and comprehensive procedures? All patients are online now checking out what they need services for and whom they will pick based on online reviews. If your reviews are not positive and make you stand out as a very experienced clinician, guess what ….you are not going to get them to call

Invariably after finding several clinicians who provide an answer to their problem, the prospective patient begins search the doctor/practice name and review.  Most dentists are stupidly lazy about this and have simply signed on to services like DemandForce where patient comments (one liners) are elicited and then posted at Google and other review sites. This can be very damaging or have little impact on how you get picked.

Something I’ve warned all along has been that Google can and does change its’ mind.  Today the WSJ shows just that with Google now removing reviews being posted by other service providers and limiting reviews posted on Google place pages to ONLY those coming through Google’s system.

Have you systematized how to get your best patient success stories online and working for you? Take my dental practice advice seriously and get moving towards getting good reviews. We’ve developed just such a system for our top level McAnally Selling System Program members.  It gives you the best way for your patient stories to create more patients and cases on an ongoing basis. We use a systematized method for going about getting many and long patient reviews which helps our members stand out amongst the crowd.

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