Dental Practice Advice-Life’s Short. Enjoy summer.

dental practice advice

In my dental practice advice series I talk with members about time management a lot and how crucial it is for downtime and recharging of your batteries. Much can be learned from our colleagues on the other side of the big bodies of water.

It’s not unusual to see our cousin dentists over on “the continent” take 3-4 weeks every summer to recuperate from the rigors of dentistry.  Furthermore, it’s also a lot of the rest of the population before you think that is some sort of elitist concept.

Personally, I’ve done this before.  Currently, I prefer taking more than that in vacation each year and like it broken up into smaller chunks simply because it’s nearly impossible for some of us who are so used to being ‘on’ more often than to unplug it for more than a full week at a time.  The last time I did take one of those “euro-months” rest assured, it was a life enhancing experience.  BTW:  Our NZ/OZ kin will be found doing the same thing come Dec (remember it’s opposite seasons down there).

Interestingly enough you find the cultures in these environments to be pretty high up there on a lot of happiness scales.  Not because they make more money (usually don’t) but perhaps because they’re taking more time to smell the roses.

One take home from all of my interactions abroad in other western cultures is to be sure and allow time to create great moments.  Hey, empire building is totally fun, and personally I love that part of life, AND as you never know when your particular sunset is going to arrive-live it up a bit every now and then. My program members, using this dental practice advice take at least 3 day weekends and by applying my selling and marketing strategies report working around three and a half days a week.

Last weekend, my spouse and I got together with some great friends here in the backyard and enjoyed a Spanish dish called paella.  Perfect social food because everyone gets to watch it cook and it’s a one dish meal.  Start with some cheese, add in a couple of bottles of wine, finish with a bite (or 2, or 3, or 4) of chocolate and you’ve got a low hassle maximum social enjoyment and a great moment that recharges the batteries.

Here’s to summer and paella.

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