Dental Practice Advice-Ride the Bus or Not?

Dental Practice Advice

In my dental practice advice series, I’m going to review what you can learn from America’s finest bus companies (American Airlines, Continental, Southwest, etc.) and the non-bus Airline Companies (Virgin America and Jet Blue).

Here’s the agent’s counter at Virgin America, LAX.  Just flew through there on Virgin yesterday—delightful experience, wonderful meal, excellent service.  When was the last time YOU said that about the bus?

If you’ve flown Continental, United, American, US Air, Alaska, Southwest, AirTran, etc. recently, how does the picture below compare with the bus counter you saw last time?  The one you saw was probably disgusting, soot coated, and germ infested right?

The irony is that the bus companies (besides Southwest) don’t believe they are in that category of business it’s obvious to the public.

On the flip side, the non-bus carriers are busy ratcheting up their margin by attracting a specific audience who has decided to get off the bus.

Take my dental practice advice-Like it or not, you have to do the same in your practice.  Are you thinking in these terms? If not, better get stuck off stupid because things are changing faster and not in the direction that benefits Dr. Average Slow.

The McAnally Selling System is the only marketing and sales system just for dentists with advanced clinical training.  If you have advanced skills and you aren’t utilizing them fully, I can guarantee you that most of your clinical skills are not helping as many patients as they should. 

Members of my program take my dental practice advice and have marketing tools and sales check list to help them close more cases and get higher case acceptance. Advanced clinicians can do more of the dentistry they love by attracting the best patients who are looking for a dentist with skills and good judgement. To get the fees program members deserve they attract the right patients who want and need the best skilled clinician to get them back to dental health. They are happy to pay the higher fees because they know they are in good hands.

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