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Definitely too long of a word to create another hit song like Aretha’s ‘Respect’ but this R word is up there in importance and value.

By nature, man is a paradoxical creature.  We’ve repeatedly heard since children that actions have consequences and that message often gets lost.  As adults, most sort of believe in this concept and few ever pick up on something just as important which is that even the action of doing nothing (in-action) has consequences.  Those doing the most in-action being the most shocked in the results!

One of Einstein’s many astute remarks included: “Man must cease attributing his problems to his environment and learn again to exercise his will — his personal responsibility.”

When people fail to take responsibility for their own actions and inaction’s, the blame game begins.   I see it every month in that we track the reasons people drop out from our low-cost trial offers in our ethical selling program which literally unlocks more results from every aspect of marketing in any practice.  Less than 2% say “it wasn’t good enough.”  About 5% drop out for something very legitimate–health.

The other 93% BLAME and pass the buck.  It’s quite predictable, laughable, sad, and a state of reality…..

I recently read an interview about this crazed guy in prison that hatched a plot to kidnap and kill Justin Bieber WHILE in prison.  It was fascinating to hear what was fundamentally a blaming and denial about whether this was a bad idea.  Yes, an extreme example of passing the buck in a depraved pathological manner but it’s also an example of this thing built into the DNA and affecting all kinds of regular people’s daily existence.

As a profession, we are very good at accepting responsibility for doing dentistry pretty well which that unto itself makes one proud to be a part of the profession.  Once you move past those clinical procedures though, there are some apparent behaviors about this “R” work that separates out the big boys and girls from the pack and that allows them to operate on a different playing field than the rest.

LIVESTRONG (still a VERY worthy and well respected charity outside of Lance’s personal travails) lists a few things about responsibility that are worth repeating and applying as dental practice advice-
•    Seek out and accept help for yourself.
•    Be open to new ideas or concepts about life and the human condition.
•    Refute irrational beliefs and overcome fears.
•    Affirm yourself positively.
•    Recognize that you choose your responses to the people, actions and events in your life.
•    Let go of anger, fear, blame, mistrust and insecurity.
•    Take risks and become vulnerable to change and grow in your life.
•    Reorganize your priorities and goals.
•    Realize that you are the party in charge of the direction your life takes.

AND…..remember that most of those reading this are either seriously ill or know someone who is or has been and is taking charge of their personal situation. My dental practice advice to you is to take charge and make changes to make  your business and personal life better. You can start by checking out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

So….where are you with this big “R?” Or if you are ready to join my dentist members go to my website for more dental practice advice.